Austin Skyline in HDR

The other day, I spent some time wandering around taking pictures of the Austin skyline. I actually remembered to bring my remote and tripod this time so I took some photos and merged them into HDR (high dynamic range) shots. Here’s how they came out. Austin Skyline – Best Shot This was my favorite one […]

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Sunday Brunch in Austin

Since last night was a rough night in the drinking department, my girlfriend and I decided to hit up an Austin brunch this morning. Luckily, we live right down the road from Threadgills, which happens to be one of the coolest restaurants/bars I’ve ever been to. They have live music outside most weekends and serve […]

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So Long Texas Shaped Pool

While living in Phoenix, I looked up our apartment complex here in Austin to get a good idea of where it was. To my surprise, I came across this in Google Maps: Not sure what you are looking at? It’s a kickass pool shaped like the state of Texas. I was jacked to see this […]

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My Move Across The Country

It sure felt like it while driving across Texas…

Digital Nomad Radio is officially back on the air! Want even better news? It now has a kickass introduction.

In this week’s episode, I’m going to talk about my move from Arizona to Texas. Specifically, I’m going to talk about what it was like moving my job along with me. It was the first time in my life I moved to a new state not having to worry about finding a job.

And let me say, it’s a whole lot different this time around.


Some of the things I discuss in this weeks episode include:

  • Why being a digital nomad is the best way to live – even if you don’t like traveling around.
  • Why moving your job with you is a hell of a lot easier than finding a new one.
  • Social Media – how it can make moving easier.

Click on the post title to listen to this weeks episode!

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The Congress Bridge Bats

I never would of expected that Austin is the home of the largest urban bat colony in the United States. It turns out there are around 1.5 million bats that call the Congress Avenue bridge home from March until November. I just so happen to live right next to the bridge so they fly over our apartment complex every night.

Flight of the Bats

Here’s a video of the bats coming out at around 8:15 PM:

Near My Apartment

Here’s another video of the bats flying in streaks right near my apartment complex.

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An Awesome Used Clothing Store

One of the coolest places I have ever shopped at was Buffalo Exchange in Tempe, AZ. It’s a used clothes store that sells everything from T-shirts and jeans to hats and shoes. Best part of all is the fact that they will also buy your clothes in exchange for cash or store credit. It’s a […]

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