Coke in Glass Bottles

Once in a great while I like to take a look at my traffic stats to see where people are coming from and what posts they are landing on. So today I spent some time digging through my data and found that my most popular post is now an article that I never anticipated getting […]

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The Best Hikes In Portland, Oregon

Since I’m growing overly excited to move to Portland in a few weeks, here is a guest post that covers some of the best hikes in Portland, Oregon. Portland is quickly become a popular destination for many people. It’s an urban wonderland scattered with forests, mountains and rivers. Students in travel and tourism schools and […]

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I’m Not Dead, Just Busy Shopping For A Duvet Set

It’s hard to say it, but today I am celebrating my 25th birthday. That means I only have 5 years before I turn 30! I am amazed at how fast time has been going by over the past few years. It feels like just yesterday I was graduating from high school and heading off to college. Yikes!

If anything, I’ve really started to notice how “grown up” I’ve become. Not only do I sit around and drink tea and read books all day, but I now spend my free time working on my budget spreadsheet and browsing the shelves at Goodwill hoping to find a flannel shirt for a dollar.

The feeling of being a grown up really sank in when I recently found myself spending a fair amount of time in off-price retail stores (I refuse to pay full price for anything) looking for a down comforter and duvet set (apparently they cover the blanket). Luckily I found one yesterday and no longer wake up freezing from the lack of a heater here in Florida.

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A Day On Franz Josef Glacier

Franz Josef Glacier

This post was written by Kimberly Juchnowski. She is a 20 something travel junkie who began her backpacking career back in 2007. She’s covered 14 countries across 4 continents thus far and continues her journey across the globe. She’s the owner of, a site where she shares tips on Thailand Adventure Travel and info on Thailand tours and packages.


New Zealand is no doubt a hot spot for adventure tourism.  People flock here from all around the globe to get their fill of adrenaline packed activities. One place you do not want to miss is the Franz Josef Glacier.

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Florida Has A Ton Of Caves

While hiking around in Withlacoochee State Forest, we happen to run into a few “cavemen” who were working on restoring a cave. They told us a bunch of cool stuff about the caves found in Florida and pointed us in the right direction to find some of them. Unfortunately, at the time we didn’t have […]

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