Hiking The Old Fort King Trail

After driving by the entrance to the Old Fort King Trail on our way to the Hillsborough River State Park, my girlfriend and I decided to head back to check it out. The Old Fort King Trail is approximately 6.7 miles long and runs just south of the Hillsborough River State Park. It also runs […]

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7 Ways to Implement GTD in Your Life

GTD (Getting Things Done) is a fantastic system designed by David Allen to help us organize ourselves and achieve a high level of productivity and success. There are now more than a hundred different applications and tools available, and a new one seems to pop up every other week. So, where should you start if […]

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Hiking In Hillsborough River State Park

One of the best adventures I’ve had here in Florida happens to be hiking through the Hillsborough River State Park. The park is one of the oldest parks in the state of Florida and features hiking, canoeing, camping, and kayaking. Best of all, it’s located less than an hour outside of Tampa. When it comes […]

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Should You Charge For Your Product?


I received an interesting question the other day in regards to charging vs. giving away a product. Someone was struggling to decide if they wanted to give their product away or charge for it and was wondering if I could give them some advice.

I must say, it’s a difficult decision to make. I’ve had to make this decision a few times and I always struggle with the answer. Making money is always a huge step, but so is generating a buzz for free. For the most part, it really comes down to the product at hand and your business model.

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