Paintballing at Splatter Ranch

Today I went paintballing for the first time at Splatter Ranch in Scottsdale. I was battling a hangover at first but it was still a great time. I was not sure what to expect because I have only heard about it but never tried it.

We ended up playing 6 games of capture the flag and each game had about 40 people in it. The field was about 2 acres which was pretty cool because it had fake houses and a lot of props laying around to hide behind. Plus the scenery was awesome with the cacti and Mountains in the background. It was almost 70 degrees which you can never complain about in January.

I thought it would hurt more when you get shot but it is actually not bad. The only time you really feel it is if the paintball doesn’t break. It was a great time and it is something I will probably try again sometime.

After finishing up paintballing, we decided to head down to Tempe and grab some dinner at Hooters. Next thing I know I’m drinking a 24 ounce Blue Moon and having a great time. We are planning on going out in Tempe again tonight so stay tuned to a new post tomorrow. Not to mention the Packers play tomorrow which is going to be a great game.

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