Quitting Your Day Job

It’s Monday once again and that means it’s time for another episode of Digital Nomad Radio. In this weeks podcast, I answer the common question: How do I quit my day job? I discuss how I did it and what I experienced as a result. I also discuss what you should do to make it as easy as possible. I cover things like dealing with benefits, savings, and stress.  You can’t miss it!

So go ahead and click the button below to get it started:



20 minutes and 45 seconds to be exact…


Here’s a quick peak at some of the points I make in this weeks episode:

  • Have An Existing Blog/Website – I talk a little about how important it is to already have an existing blog or website before you quit your job.
  • Be Ready To Work A Lot Harder – I give you some insight into life after quitting and why it’s more difficult at first.
  • Take A Look At Your Benefits – I discuss benefits and what you need to think about before you quit. A very important step, especially if you have a family.

So that concludes this weeks episode! I hope it helps clarify what you need to do to escape the day job. Please feel free to leave any comments you have about the show. Don’t foget to subscribe to the podcast by clicking here.

3 thoughts on “Quitting Your Day Job

  1. Sweepstakes

    Hi Justin,

    I really like the idea of podcast. Maybe I should try that for my site. I was thinking about doing videos but I don’t know what I would show because it really doesn’t fit for my niche.

    I think most people want to quit “working for the man” but they don’t realize how hard it is to stay home. No one is there telling you to get up and make money and you have to be thinking about that all of the time.

    I also work at home both selling a product line on my website that I developed and also blogging. The blogging only started making some money after 6 months so it isn’t something that will let you quit you job right away and the money fluctuate so you also have to be careful if you are relying on a certain amount each month.

    By the way, I love the new look. It’s so Web 2.0.

    Wendy aka The Computer Lady

    1. Justin Post author

      Thanks a lot for checking out the podcast. It is definitely hard working from home. No one tells you to work and it is really easy to get distracted and start doing things like watch TV. It takes a lot of discipline, especially when you just start. The good news is the benefits you get from working from home. You can walk outside whenever you want, you can sleep in, and you never have to drive. I love it!

      PS. I’m glad you like the new look.


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