5 Ways To Beat Writer’s Block

It’s Monday already? Whoa! That means it’s time for another episode of Digital Nomad Radio. This week’s episode is all about beating writer’s block.  A fellow blogger sent me an email asking how I managed to come up with new ideas to write about everyday and I thought I would answer her questions and share them with everyone. So hit the play button.



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Here’s a sneak peek of the 5 tips to beat writer’s block:

  • Write Down Your Post Ideas – It’s simple. Right down your post ideas!
  • Use Other Blogs As Inspiration – Check out other blogs for some good ideas and topics to cover in your own posts.
  • Read Websites Like Yahoo, CNN, Etc. – Use websites like Yahoo as a place to find articles. Then spin them in your own words and add to them.
  • Look Back At Your Old Posts For Ideas – You have an archives page right? When’s the last time you took a look at it for some blog post ideas?
  • When You’re In A Writing Mood…Keep Going! – So you’re in the zone and writing like a mad man. Don’t stop after one post!

So there you have it, 5 ways to beat writer’s block. I’d love to hear your ideas and advice on how to keep coming up with great content!

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5 thoughts on “5 Ways To Beat Writer’s Block

  1. Jake

    Good information. I like what you said about keeping going when you are in the zone. That is really useful for me and I can sit down and just go through it and bang out a few posts in a few hours.


    1. Justin Post author

      Glad to hear you got something from it. It really helps to pump out a bunch of posts at a time. The hardest part is forcing yourself to write for awhile since it’s easy to get distracted.

  2. Jen

    Hey, thanks for your help! I particularly liked your “link love” expression! I have a couple of draft, very unfinished, posts but normally delete these if I get bored with the idea or change my mind but now I can see why it’s a good idea to keep these for a later date. Also, the keeping writing bit when you’re in the zone is good advice too! I would probably tend to just be content at one good post, whereas I may as well see if I have 2 or more in me and if I do it’s a bonus!

    Thanks for some great advice!

    jen (P.s I do think the problem page for moi alone would be a good step hehe).


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