Possibly Moving to Sydney, Australia?

Once again, last night I managed to meet some more interesting people. This time it was a group of guys that were visiting from London.

After talking with them for awhile, I told them about how I was thinking about leaving Phoenix at the end of June when my lease is up. If you have never lived here, it is okay but the desert is just not the place for me. There is a serious lack of water here and I really miss the water sports I used to love like surfing, wakeboarding, and snorkeling.

Anyways, I told them I was debating between Los Angeles and Sydney, Australia. One of the guys had mentioned he was out in Sydney for a few months and it was one of the coolest places he has ever been.

So we ended up talking about Sydney, and he ended up saying that it would be perfect for me and I could not agree more. There is surfing there, it’s a large city, and the weather is okay with me. As long as it doesn’t get below zero I would be fine with it.

I met a lot of Australians while living in Hawaii, and everyone of them was the coolest person ever. Not to mention Cory, the crazy party dude is from Australia. If you haven’t seen the video of him, check it out:

If you cannot see the Video, Click Here.

So it looks like Sydney is back in the list of being a possible option for where I go next. It looks like it is going to come down to Sydney, LA, Staying here in Phoenix, or moving home with Mom and Dad. Mom, don’t worry I’m willing to pay for my own groceries.

I was looking at my Google Analytics reports yesterday and it seems like I have had over 75 visitors from Australia, 58 of them being from Sydney. So to anyone out there reading this from Australia, I would really like to hear from you via comment or E-mail. I would just like to know what it is like out there and if it would be hard for an American to move on out there.

So please, feel free to comment on this post with any information you might have to help me make up my mind on where to move next. Thanks!

4 thoughts on “Possibly Moving to Sydney, Australia?

  1. Culture Vulture

    As long as the weather doesn’t get below zero? What? In Antarctica maybe, but not in Sydney. (Not in Melbourne either, where I’m writing from.)

    If you like the sea and the surf this is the spot for you but make sure you keep yourself covered up – our sun bites! And badly.

    P.S. We enjoy a beer and a party, but we aren’t all like Cory

  2. Abbey

    Come on down Justin…my son surfs and we live at the beach…we can put you up and if not he will have a mate that can…sun sand surf….theres also the ‘fridge to fridge’ party if your here around Australia day

    ps … that Cory is known as a wank here…

  3. randomness

    you should definately come to sydney! i’ve lived here (sydney) all my life and it’s great if you can afford it. it’s safe, funa and most people are very friendly. there’s always stuff to do and its NEVER too cold. Come to bondi or manly beach, there are heaps of other surfers.


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