April 15, 2010

I Love The Dominican Republic

Despite living near the beaches here in Florida, my girlfriend and I decided to take a trip down to the Dominican Republic. We stayed at the Moon Palace Resort in Punta Cana and for 5 days we did a whole lot of nothing but sit in the chairs above, drink delicious cocktails, and eat a lot of food. I am now in love with the Caribbean.

The Beach Is Gorgeous

First off, I can honestly say the beach in Punta Cana is the best I have seen so far (including Hawaii). The water is as blue as it gets and there is nothing but sand beneath the water.

The thing I really liked about the beach in Punta Cana is that the water was around 75 degrees. I also love the fact that they did not allow developers to build high-rises along the beach so it still has it’s natural beauty. There are plenty of coconut palms lining the sand, which is something I look for when it comes to tropical beaches.

It was also less crowded than most of the beaches I’ve been too. There were people scattered around but there were no crowds and finding a place to sit was really easy. The only real downside to the beach was getting a few too many glimpses of guys wearing really “tiny” swimming suits.

Snorkeling In The Caribbean Is Awesome

Besides swimming along the beach, we also decided to go on a snorkeling adventure. I’ve been snorkeling a few times in Hawaii but the Caribbean blew it away.

Instead of going with one of the company snorkeling cruises, we ended up riding with some dude in a tiny-ass boat out near some reefs. At first, we were terrified of what might happen since we were the only group but it turned out to be awesome.

Not only did we see some fish, but the guy also picked up a few things and showed us some stuff I would have never touched on my own. The boat ride itself was also a lot of fun, even though I was certain the driver was going to run someone over.

Overall, it was well worth the $35 we spent for the 2 hour adventure. If you ever head down that way I recommend snorkeling, you won’t regret it. Just be sure to shop around since there are so many different companies offering similar adventures.


When we first checked out the beach, the first thing we noticed was how tan everyone was. It only took a few hours before we realized why. Despite wearing a ton of sunscreen, we both managed to fry.

Besides getting sunburned, I also got one of the darkest tans I have ever had in a matter of 5 days. I still can’t believe how strong the sun is down there. If you ever make the trip, pack a TON of sunscreen. It was nearly $30 to buy it in the resort!

Punta Cana Videos

Here are a few videos I took from the beach, along with one of the ride to the Airport (the roads are crazy there):

Punta Cana Photos

I managed to grab over a thousand pictures while I was there but haven’t made my way through all of them yet. Here are a few of my favorites:

Punta Cana Airport

Beach in Punta Cana


Shipwreck up close

Snorkeling Boat

Beach Sculptures

A Great Place To Relax

If you are ever looking to take a relaxing vacation, Punta Cana is the place to do it. Since it is made up of mostly resorts, there isn’t much to do other than relax under a cabana, drink, and get a nice tan (I enjoyed all 3).

For a detailed look at the awesome resort we stayed in, check out my Moon Palace Resort review.

6 thoughts on “I Love The Dominican Republic

  1. Sonic Knife

    I went to the Dominian Republic many years ago – loved it. There was not that much to do really but you didn’t need much. At that time everything was so incredibly cheap, may be different now. Beaches were superb and the cocktails were very more-ish!

  2. Antonio

    Wow man, those pictures are incredible! Especially the on with the wrecked ship. Hmm, maybe I’ll write in Dominican Republic as my next vacation destination.

  3. Airband Radios

    I stayed myself in Punta Cana at the Majestic Colonial a couple of years back and would completely agree it’s one of the most beautiful beaches imaginable. Your pictures capture the colors perfectly. Just perfect blue sea and white sand, as you say. This is really a place you don’t want to leave. Thanks for the article!

  4. Clark

    Punnta Cana is great! Love the pics. I highly recommend La Ramona also. Actually, every place on the island is great and full of beautiful women


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