Where Are You In Google?

Googling Your Own Name

Has anyone ever Googled themselves? For the past 2 months, I have been working on trying to rank #1 in Google for my name, Justin Wright. The problem is, there are way too many Justin Wrights out there in the World. I guess I was blessed with a really common name (damn it).

Back in the beginning of August, I first noticed that my name was on the 20th page in Google. Not too good if you ask me. Especially since I blog a lot and have more accounts on social networks than anyone would ever need.

Guess Where I Am Today?

I did a search today and was surprised to see the results. Check out this image I snapped of a Google search I did:

#10 in Google

There I am, squeezing in on the first page at the #10 spot. Not too bad for two months of work. Now if I could just get to the #1 spot I could be done with it.

Will It Help?

When I first thought about ranking #1 for my name, I figured it would be an easy way for people to find me. However, I did some research in Google Adwords and found out some pretty surprising results. The average search volume every month for Justin Wright is around 8,100. Not too shabby…

I’m pretty sure there looking for other Justin Wrights, ones that are actually famous and what not. But hey, I will never give up…never!

So if your bored one day and have nothing to write about, I would suggest you write a post about me too help me out (just kidding, but not really).

So the question is, where are you in Google?

15 thoughts on “Where Are You In Google?

  1. Jim Gaudet

    Damn that Singer and Baseball player. I have to fight with these two for the number one spot. I was number 2 today though for Jim Gaudet!

    Here is a little help for you. What you need is for everyone who links to your blog to just use your name in the link text, called Anchor Text. Search Google for anchor text and you will see what I mean. Then you can go to your Google Webmaster Tools and see what Google sees for your External Links to your site. I have like 2000 links for the name Jim Gaudet, but that damn songwriter (plus he has jimgaudet.com) is just too damn famous.

    Congrats on getting to the first page. I saw a picture once of a business card and the card just said go to google and search my name, I wish I could have that card!

  2. Justin Post author

    @ Jim: Yeah it’s tough competing with others. I have been having people link to me with my name instead of Life of Justin so I believe that is the main reason I have jumped up so many pages.

    Unfortunately, it’s going to take a lot more links before I take it over. It’ll happen, preferably before I’m 50…

  3. bingkee

    If I list only my first name and last name, Google can never get any results. But if I Google my real full name , it will give 3 results. I have a unique name and last name altogether combined. Even the spelling of my first name is very different from anyone else. So nobody can really trace me until one knows my real full name and the right spelling

  4. Les

    If I Google my real name I dont myself. If I Google my pseudonym I am in the middle of the page. If I Google my pseudonym along with the word “writer” I am number 1 every time.

  5. Ace

    I guess it sucks to have such a common name. I don’t think I will ever have that problem with my name. I’m going to go google myself right now. See what I come up with.

  6. Adam Pieniazek

    Ahh…the awesomeness of polish last names!

    I own the whole first page for my name and come in a respectable third for my last name.


    Perhaps you need to write up a top ten list of why you’re the best Justin Wright?

  7. Trevor@Airsoft Rifles

    You could probably get to the number one spot by linking to the blog directly with your name. That would definitely help, and I like the Top 10 list suggestion by Adam as well. You can do it; as long as you are consistent and patient, you will achieve number one in time.

  8. Allan

    I have a friend named Justin Wright who just joined a venture capital firm as an analyst. He’s going to want to compete against you for search engine rankings I’m sure. Good luck! You’ve got a huge head start. Common names make it so tough to compete.


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