Reality TV Here I Come!

Big News! I have officially landed a spot on a upcoming reality TV Show. My acting career is finally starting to take off. And the best part, is the show is supposed to be airing on national TV so everyone should be able to see me.

I am unable to discuss and details at this time other than it has something to do with golf. I will be shooting in a couple weeks and am very excited.

On a sour note, I will no longer be going to Las Vegas because of the crappy weather in Wisconsin. My parents were unable to get a flight out of Milwaukee so they decided to cancel their trip. It looks like the sin city will have to wait to a later date.

So it looks like I will be doing something in Phoenix this weekend instead, not sure what yet but I am sure I will find something to do. Stay tuned to later this week and I will have some more information to share with everyone.

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