Rock of Love 2 vs. Tuesdays

You read that title right. Today’s debate is between Rock of Love 2 and Tuesdays.

I have officially changed my mind and now believe that Tuesday is the worst day of the week. I used to think Monday’s were the worst, but not so much anymore. Monday is just a slow transition from the weekend to the work week. I really do not put forth much effort until at least Tuesday.

The nightlife on Tuesday sucks here. I wanted to go out last night in Phoenix but could not find a good place to go to save my life. When I lived in Wisconsin and Hawaii, Tuesdays were always a great night out. So please, if you know of a good place to go out in the Phoenix area on Tuesdays, let me know. Otherwise Tuesday will continue to be known as the worst day of the week.

Rock of Love 2…don’t even get me started on this show. If you missed my post yesterday about The Hills, you’ll see that I devoted the whole post to the show and how much I hate it. Well last night, I ended up watching the Rock of Love 2 since I could not find a single thing on television worth watching.

The really sad thing is it is the second season of the show. Like one wasn’t enough. I mean do we really need to watch a bunch of girls compete to win Bret’s heart? Is this really where society is going? I thought love was something you found on your own, not by winning a reality TV show.

I just hate the fact all of these reality shows are obviously scripted. You can tell a lot of the “contestants” are actors because they have been on other reality shows. Why can’t they just put some “real people” on a show and see what happens. I would rather watch a bunch of drunk people try and find their way out of a corn maze.

2 thoughts on “Rock of Love 2 vs. Tuesdays

  1. Curt

    I haven’t ever seen that show, but I guarantee I never will either. I know what you mean about those shows. I can’t believe the crap they come up with these days.

    I kind of like the idea of drunk people trying to find their way out of a corn maze though!

    You should try selling that to Hollywood!

  2. Lindsay

    I think a lot of people put Monday’s work off until Tuesday. Then when Tuesday rolls around, the weekend is still far away. So yeah, Tuesday is not a good day.


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