Season Premiere Of Lost Tonight!

Well it’s finally January 21st…the day that season 5 of Lost Premiers on ABC. It’s one of the only shows I watch these days so I’ve been waiting for this day to come.

Funny thing is, I have never watched Lost on TV before. This past Christmas, I rented season 1 and 2 and started watching them. After watching the first two seasons, I became super addicted to the show and couldn’t stop thinking about it. So over a period of like two weeks I managed to watch all 4 season of lost. Yeah it’s pretty pathetic…

The hard thing was, I watched all of them back to back. When I got done with the season 4 finale, I was ready to drive to the studios and demand answers. Luckily, the premier is tonight and it starts with a 1 hour recap followed by two episodes. Woo!

Season 5 Trailer

Here is a trailer for the upcoming season:

Check It Out

So tune in tonight at 7 C and watch it. It’s a great show and even if you haven’t watch it before, the recap should clue you in on some of the things that are happening.

7 thoughts on “Season Premiere Of Lost Tonight!

  1. Debt Slaying

    Everyone at my work is into Lost and I just don’t get it. I tried watching the first couple of episodes but couldn’t get into it. I think I need to rent the whole seasons as well and just watch them all at once.


  2. Aaron

    What gets you off about this show? I am usually really easy to catch on to a show…but I watched the first disk of the first season..and it was a little too “sci-fi” for me. Seems like a lot of unreal type of stuff. Same reason I wasn’t a big fan of smallville and heroes.

  3. Lost Season

    Critically acclaimed and a popular success, Lost garnered an average of 16 million viewers per episode on ABC during its first year. It has won numerous industry awards including the Emmy Award for Outstanding Drama Series in 2005, Best American Import at the British Academy Television Awards in 2005, the Golden Globe for Best Drama in 2006 and a Screen Actors Guild Award for Outstanding Ensemble in a Drama Series.


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