The Stanky Leg

So what is the Stanky Leg? According to Urban Dictionary, the Stanky Leg is:

A dance which originated in Texas consisting of bending ones knees and rotating a leg like a jump rope. It is the lamest dance ever created.

So why oh why am I telling you this?

Because every so often, people email me and ask me if I can do a blog review for them. If it’s a blog I really like, I usually mention it in a post or help spread it through other social networks. If it’s a blog I really dislike, I usually move on. However, sometimes it’s a blog that makes me say “wow” to myself.

These are the blogs that deserve a full review. And today’s post is just that…a blog review of Stanky Leg Videos.


stanky-leg-best-stanky-leg-videos-anywhere_1240013762443-copyWhat this blog does is take all of the best Stanky Leg videos from YouTube and puts them in one easy to find place. Which is great, if you were actually looking for Stanky Leg videos…

I have never (ever) heard of the Stanky Leg dance until I read this email and watched some of the videos. I guess that shows how much I dislike hip hop and club style music.

Believe it or not, I did find some of these videos to be pretty damn funny. Especially the nerds doing the Stanky Leg (Nerds Doing The Stanky Leg).


The design of is actually pretty good. It is using a pretty good theme that makes it easy to watch videos, rate them, and navigate through the archives.

Overall, the design of the blog is pretty good as well as the custom logo which features some dude in a red shirt (or baseball jersey?) doing the Stanky Leg on a tv screen.

Time Wasting Ability

When it comes to the ability to waste time, this blog really shines. It’s a great pleace to eat up 10, 15, even 25 minutes of your precious human life. It’s one of those sites that makes you look at the clock and say “I wish I had those 10 minutes back.”

But then again, there’s always time to kill. Besides, what else would you be doing sitting on the computer all day? Especially if you are sitting at work as you read this.


Overall, the blog isn’t so bad. It’s got the Stanky Leg niche covered that I didn’t even know existed. It appears the site is already getting some decent traffic and the owner (who happens to be a friend of mine) told me the site has only been up a few days. Not bad at all.

So take a few minutes and go educate yourself on the Stanky Leg. You never know when you just might need to pull it off…

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