May 18, 2009

Starting P90X Today

p90x_lgTwo months ago I wrote a post about packing on a few pounds and said I would share my results. Well I managed to gain about 6 pounds and increased my lifts in every single exercise which is always good. An example is the machine bench press, which I did 5 reps of 135 on Day 1. The other day, I pumped out 10 reps of 175. Big difference!

Now that I am moving and will no longer have a gym, I have decided to start the P90X program today. If you have never heard of it, you can check out the details of the program here. Basically, it’s a 90 day fitness program that has helped tons of people transform themselves. The program includes 12 workout DVD’s along with a meal plan to go along with the program. Best part of all, it can be done at home with only a few pieces of equipment (dumbbells, chin-up bar, push-up handles, etc.)

If all goes as planned, I will have my last day on August 15th. I will be posting my pictures and progress after each phase of the workout (3 phases total), along with my before pictures below.

Before Stats

Here is a breakdown of my stats prior to starting the program:

  • Weight: 173.8 Pounds
  • Bodyfat (Using Scale): 15.0%
  • Flexed Arm Size: 35 cm
  • Waist (Belly Button Level): 84 cm

Before Pictures






The first phase is 4 weeks along, so I will post some new pictures along with my stats when I get to the end of it. I also plan on putting up weekly recaps just to keep track of where I am and how it is going.

Wish Me Luck!

Update – I managed to finish phase 1 and you can view the results here.

10 thoughts on “Starting P90X Today

  1. Shane

    Did you end up going all the way through?

    I never finished my first round but I’m starting up again next week and I’m going to use a blog to document my results and progress so hopefully that will help me finish.

    1. Justin Wright Post author

      Unfortunately no. I made it through Phase 1 and then started to slack off and eventually quit. I did get in great shape however. I just hate the idea of working out inside, especially when you live in a state that’s warm the majority of the year.

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  3. aj

    Can you tell me how the phases go I got the cd’s from my friend maybe even the nutrition program? Just the break dolwn of the normal phase will do

  4. Paula

    Great blog. I wanted to read about your P90X journey….is it on the site? I am starting it today!


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