Stop Making Excuses – Why There’s Never A “Right Time” To Get Started In Making Lifestyle Changes

It's Time To Stop Making Excuses.

Why do so many people join the gym and go on a diet in January each year? Is it because they’ve all piled on plenty of weight over the Christmas period? To a degree the answer is yes. But of course this isn’t the whole story.

The people who go into a new fitness regime in the New Year are typically people who have been concerned about their figure for months. Maybe even years. But it’s the kick of making “New Years Resolutions” which provides the motivation to finally go out and do something about it.

Why didn’t they start getting in shape earlier in the year? Probably because they’re looking for the right time.

Attempting to achieve any major change in your life requires preparation and setting a time to really get started. Everyday life can be hectic and tiring and so we trundle along doing the same things week after week, month after month. Making a massive change to our everyday activities – even if it is going to significantly benefit us in the long run – requires considerable energy, time and focus.

Another example. I spent the last three years working in the Christmas gift industry. Whilst you always get a few very organized people who have finished buying their gifts by the beginning of November, most people are “too busy” to get started that early and instead have a mad week of panic-buying once December gets going. You’d be shocked how many people are still knocking on the door after we close on Christmas eve begging to be let in.

The fact is that all of us manage to “create” time to do our Christmas shopping, whether that is in October or a few days before Christmas. So if we can create that time when we really need to, why not create it earlier? People aren’t too busy, they just haven’t prioritized. They haven’t applied themselves. Christmas holidays appearing round the corner finally gives them the kick to find the time to do their shopping.

How many times do people tell you they want to give up smoking, they just need to “find the time”. I know someone who has been planning to give up smoking for the last two years but the time is “never right”.

The fact is that the time will never be right to start on a new journey and make changes to your life. All major journeys take time and effort. The key to making those changes is simply to set a date and to go for it.

If you’ve read The Four Hour Work Week and from there started to read a number of lifestyle design blogs and newsletters then this is really your wake up call. If you’re enjoying reading about the concepts, dreaming about what life *could* be like but you have yet to actually take your first practical step and start making changes to your lifestyle then *now* is the time.

There will never be a “perfect time”. Life will still get in the way. You’ll still get ill. Your computer will still break. You’ll get fed up with your job or fall out with your best friend. Life happens. But these challenges will crop up whether you start on your lifestyle design journey today or next year.

And frankly the sooner you get started, the sooner you will start to see results. The sooner you’ll start noticing the differences to your life and one day soon you’ll wake up and thank your lucky stars that you started when you did and have created a lifestyle full of freedom, passion, excitement and fulfillment.

If you’ve read this far then I want you to make yourself a promise. Make time this week to sit down and sketch out your ideal lifestyle. Make a formal plan of the changes you want to make. Use a pen and paper so your plans are written down. Then commit to getting started. There’s never an ideal time, so *make* this your ideal time.

This guest post was written by Richard Adams. Richard blogs about his own journey into lifestyle design over at Lifestyle Design Unleashed.

Photo: Danielle Scott

8 thoughts on “Stop Making Excuses – Why There’s Never A “Right Time” To Get Started In Making Lifestyle Changes

  1. Justin Wright Post author

    Let me be the first one to comment and say that this is some great advice. Getting started is one of the hardest things you have to do, regardless of what you’re trying to accomplish. You nailed it right on the head when you said that “the sooner you get started, the sooner you will start to see results.”

  2. Toronto Movers

    The human mind can be quite weak at times. There is no time like now, although we all know this, it is hard to do. My advice is to reward yourself every time you take action and give yourself punishments for procrastination. Planning is a big part of it too.

  3. Tresna

    Sometimes we just need to stop thinking and planning and just get on with it! I often think people (including me) perceive their level of productivity to be higher when they spend a lot of time talking about what they’re going to do when the mythical “perfect day” arrives. Lots of talking, not much doing.

    Stop asking for permission, stop waiting for the perfect day, take one small step today, make one small move in the direction of your dream. All great messages that help to light a fire under your arse and get things happening! Thanks for the reminder with your post!

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  5. Freelance Writer Blog

    Great article, and I completely agree. One thing I try to emphasize over and over at my freelance writing blog is that getting started is the single most important thing to building a writing career or a passive income career. That was the biggest thing that stopped me, was I spent a year and a half waffling or making excuses instead of just jumping in. Totally a fan of “The 4 Hour Work Week” as well. Good stuff!

  6. Fiotness Model Diet Plans

    I’m a regular gym rat and I see that happen every year. People sign up in January, work out like demons for about 3-6 weeks and can’t understand why they haven’t lost the 20, 30 or 50 pounds yet and quit by mid March or so. If only people would stop thinking “diet” and start thinking “lifestyle” they would have so much more success. It really is all about creating time for the important things as outlined in your article.

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