Subway Nutrition Facts: A Closer Look

From time to time, I will go to Subway to grab a pretty healthy meal. I typically get a foot long oven roasted chicken breast sub without any extras. In other words, no cheese, no mayo, and only spinach and cucumbers.

To take it a step further, I usually take the chicken off of one half of the sub and throw it on the other side and just eat is as a double meat sub. That way I don’t have to eat a boat load of carbohydrates in my meal.

However, every time I go to Subway, I VERY rarely see people order subs without a ton of cheese and condiments. I almost never see people order 6 inch subs anymore since the new 5 dollar foot longs are a better bargain.

So when I happened to stumble across a Subway nutrition facts brochure, I couldn’t help but start doing some math and comparing the fast food chains to Subway. Check out the results below:

The Fast Food Contenders

All the nutritional facts below were taken directly out of the Subway brochure I got, so I am not responsible if they are off by a few calories here and there. The ones that were not listed, I used

Burger Kind Original Whopper

670 Calories / Fat: 39 Grams

3 Taco Bell Regular Style Tacos

510 Calories / Fat: 29 Grams

McDonald’s Big Mac

560 Calories / Fat: 30 Grams

McDonald’s Big Mac Value Meal (w/ 20 OZ Coke and medium fry)

1180 Calories / Fat: 50 Grams

As you can see, these items are pretty calorie dense and high in fat. So how do Subway sandwichs compare? Take a look below to see…

The Subway Sandwiches

At first glance, the numbers in the Subway brochure are not that bad. A footlong sub usually comes in around 600 – 800 calories depending on which one. HOWEVER, these values only reflect those who order subs with no cheese or condiments added.

Like I mentioned above, I very rarely see people order subs in this fashion. So here are some more accurate numbers of the various subs. (Note – the sandwich only calories include the traditional vegetables and wheat bread)

Oven Roasted Chicken Breast (Foot Long On Wheat)

Sandwich: 620 Calories / Fat: 10 Grams

+ American Cheese: 80 Calories / Fat: 7 Grams

+ Mayonnaise: 220 Calories / 24 Grams

Total: 920 Calories / Fat: 41 Grams

Ouch! A Big Mac by itself would almost be 400 less calories than this sandwich.

Turkey Breast (Foot Long On Wheat)

Sandwich: 560 Calories / Fat: 9 Grams

+ Swiss Cheese: 100 Calories / Fat: 9 Grams

+ Chipotle Sauce: 200 Calories / Fat: 20 Grams

Total: 860 Calories / 38 Grams

This sub isn’t as bad as the chicken breast one. However, it’s still pretty calorie dense and has 200 calories more than a Big Mac. Not to mention MORE fat than a Big Mac.

What About The Combo Meals?

Just like McDonald’s, Subway offers combo meals what include a drink and side item such as potato chips (or apples). Here is a breakdown of what a value meal might look like using the chicken breast sub from above:

Oven Roasted Chicken Breast (6 Inch On Wheat)

Sandwich: 310 Calories / Fat: 5 Grams

+ American Cheese: 40 Calories / Fat: 3.5 Grams

+ Mayonnaise: 110 Calories / 12 Grams

Sandwich Total: 460 Calories / Fat: 20.5 Grams

+ Sunchips Original: 210 Calories / Fat: 9 Grams

+ 20 OZ. Coke: 240 Calories / Fat: 0 Grams

Meal Total: 910 Calories / Fat: 29.5 Grams

As you can see, this is still pretty calorie dense and has just as much fat as a Big Mac. The next time you think about getting a side item with your sub (especially foot long), you might want to think twice.

Honorable Mentions

The subs I mentioned above are actually listed as being the healthier options. Check out the ones below that compete head to head with the Big Mac and Whopper.

Chicken & Bacon Ranch

6 Inch: 580 Calories / Fat: 30 Grams

12 Inch: 1160 Calories / Fat: 60 Grams

The 6 inch sub alone has 20 calories more than a Big Mac and the exact same amount of fat. The foot long has almost as many calories as an entire Big Mac Value Meal!

Meatball Marinara

6 Inch: 560 Calories / Fat: 24 Grams

12 Inch: 1120 Calories / Fat: 48 Grams

Another Big Mac contender. The 6 inch has the same amount of calories and only 6 grams less fat.

Keep These Numbers In Mind

This post was not intended to dis Subway or anyone that eats there. They do have some great options for eating out, which are much better than most fast food joints. And the idea that most people don’t order the plain subs is just from my observations while eating there.

I simply wanted to throw the Subway nutrition facts out there so you have an idea of how many calories these subs can have if you don’t pay attention to what you add to them. So remember these numbers the next time you are ordering a sub sandwich.

Otherwise you might end up getting a Big Mac in camouflage…

85 thoughts on “Subway Nutrition Facts: A Closer Look

  1. Probably Sucks

    It’s a good thing I have a good metabolism and couldn’t care less with what I eat, or I’d be in serious trouble. However, I should really lower my intake of baby fetuses, but they taste so good.

    1. adam

      having a good metabolism might keep you from getting fat. but it wont stop you from killing over from sodium and cholesterol.

  2. Jenn

    So I could probably eat a happy meal for dinner with tea and it could be better than Subway AND I get a toy? Hmm…

    1. Manda

      Well you have to think about the nutrients involved as well as how filled which would make you. If you ask me a happy meal probably wont be as filling or at least not for long and chances are your more likely to feel more run down because of eating the happy meal. I’d say your still better off with a sandwich, less grease and and more energy.

  3. Mike

    It is funny to see this article posted today, I was having nearly the same conversation yesterday with a coworker while at Subway. I’m a big fan of smaller, well balanced meals.

    Although, you can’t go wrong with their veg options. :)

    1. Justin Wright Post author

      Yeah the veg options are pretty good. Overall, they do have a lot of healthy options, it’s just that most people fail to realize how much condiments and extras can add up.

  4. Brian G.

    This makes me wonder…

    In no way am I doubting the comparisons between the foods..

    But how in the H*LL did that fat guy lose all that weight eating subway. If it is true, and not some gimmick….

    Eating plain sandwiches all day every day must SUCK lol.

    Me, I couldn’t do it. I need variety. Steaks, baked potatoes, corn, peas, mashed potatoes… etc etc.

  5. Jeremy from Stanky Leg

    Damn it! I always thought I was eating healthy when I go to Subway, and my favorite sandwhich by far is the footlong Meatball, followed closely by what I thought was the health option, turkey breast with cheese, mayo, AND ranch. This article makes me not want to eat at Subway any more.

    1. Justin Wright Post author

      Yeah, it’s pretty shocking how big the numbers can get. The key is to ditch the mayo AND the ranch and suck it up. A healthier option is olive oil and vinegar, which at least contains healthy fat your body actually needs.

  6. Adam

    Just make your own footlongs. Cheaper, healthier and better tasting. And if you stock up ahead of time it’s more convenient than dragging yourself to subway.

  7. Ryan Edward

    What makes it even worst is how hungry I am just an hour after eating a sub or other fast food garbage. I end up packing in twice the calories and then I end up hungry twice as fast.

  8. Greg

    Its like you added all the extras that are fat and calorie rich to each meal to make them sound bad… Of course if you get mayonaise and cheese its going to be unhealthy. Those foods aren’t healthy to begin with. Like the list says…A 6 inch Oven Roasted Chicken Breast sandwich with wheat bread has 320 calories and 5g of fat. Only until after you add regular Mayonaise (Subway has Light Mayo) and Cheese does the caloric value and fat content of the total sandwich rise to a rediculous level. Seriously… who in their right mind that is on a diet put REGULAR mayonaise and cheese on their sandwich? Are you all aware of how much fat and calories there are in just 1 tablespoon of mayonaise!? It pretty much ruins the whole effort of eating healthy. It is completely rediculious to compare Subway with Mconalds, infact, its just plain ignorant. Go find out how many calories are on a double qurter pounder after you add mayonaise… If you eat a medium order of fries and a double quesrter pounder with only onions, ketchup, mustard and 2 slices of cheese and absolutely NO extras (That means no ketchup for the fries and no mayo, lettuce, tomato, etc. It still totals 1121 calories! and that is without a drink. Be prepared to add 300-450 more calories onto the total if you want the drink, ketchup for the fries and mayo on the burger. Subway is clearly a better choice. would you rather eat MORE food from Subway at 320 calories (per above listed sandwich) than eat 1121 calories from McDonads (per meal stated above). You could eat 3! of the sadwiches listed above fro Subway and it STILL wouldnt total the amount of calories that the ONE burger and fries had! do you understand this? you could eat an 18 inch sub, and it STILL would be less calories and fat. That is over a foot of food, a foot and a half to be exact. So figure this one out for yourselves…. And remember……Always Always, Eat Fresh…

    1. Justin Wright Post author

      I agree that adding that stuff is disgusting. In fact, I can’t stand mayonaise at all. If you would read the post, I mentioned that I included those on the sandwiches because EVERY single time I have had Subway, the person to my left and right got cheese AND a condiment. Sure, a lot of people (including myself) only get the plain sandwiches, but the truth is a lot of people add this stuff to theirs. Not to mention a soda and bag of chips.

      The main point I was making is that going to Subway and pigging out isn’t healthy just because it’s fresh. You still have to remember to stay away from the calorie dense condiments, cheeses, sodas, etc.

      Just the sound of McDonald’s makes my stomach hurt. My guess is that I would probably throw up if I ate that quarter pounder and fry.

    2. Will

      Lmao @ Greg. I have no idea what offended you so much about this article. The fact that you ended your post with Subway’s slogan clearly shows that you either work for the company or have some bizarre fetish with defending the food chain. I agree that people should figure things out for themselves, but subway wraps itself in this concept of being healthy to the point that people simply don’t understand that by adding a single condiment they have defeated the entire purpose of eating healthy. I worked at subway when I was a teenager and EVERYONE ordered at least one condiment, many people ordered two and then you add the olives, and cheese, you get the idea. So settle down and let people realize that subway isn’t this magical healthy fast-food option no matter what they do to their sub.

      Based on calories, you’re sadly better off going to Taco Bell and having a couple hard shell tacos than eating a 6 inch sub with ranch, mayo, cheese and other fixings. It’s a fact. No one eats just lettuce, bread and meat when they order at subway. And please realize this article was written just to show people that they should be careful when making their order. Jeez…

      1. Nihilissa

        That is not ture….that everyone orders condiments… actually what is not true is that everyone orders calorie rich condiments. I just finished eating a 6 inch turkey and ham sub with lettue, tomatoe, onion, peppers, salt and pepper and vinager… NO oil, NO cheese, NO mayo. My sub was around 300 calories. I never order mayo, or oil. I will get cheese from time to time but I do so knowing that it will increase the calories. So yes, vinager is a condiment but it has zero calories by itself… and yes at least at my subway you can get just vinager without the oil. I have lost 30 lbs and having subway as an option when we needed to eatout was a huge help to me in reaching this goal.

      2. Nicole

        actually to comment on what you said about no one getting only lettuce, meat and bread; when I go to subway I get a salad with turkey and all of the veggies and ONLY the VINAGARE for a dressing. A meal and under 300 cals!!!!!

  9. A W

    The 6″ is the regular size sandwich at Subway- the footlong is the “supersize”- many people I know split it for two people or two meals. It is good to point out to people that, by viewing the footlong as one serving and adding the unhealthy components, they are eating comparable amounts to the unhealthier places, but a footlong is more reasonably compared to eating 2 Big Macs, as it’s 2 of the intended servings. I agree with you most people need to realize this when ordering there. Also in response to one post- according to Subway’s website, Jared lost by eating a 6 inch turkey sub for lunch with a bit of mustard, and a 12 inch Veggie for dinner- no mayo or cheese on any- every day. He started this at 425 pounds. If you weigh 100 pounds, you’ll probably not lose weight eating this. If you weigh 425, you probably will.

    1. Krimson

      Exactly. The OP doesn’t assume that the folks who order the high calorie/fat sanwiches at McDonalds are there for their health, so why assume that everyone at Subway is? Maybe those folks who are ordering cheese and mayo are fully aware that they are packing on the calories and fat, they just LIKE the food at Subway better than other fast food places. I ate at Subway quite often when I wasn’t dieting, just because I love the fresh bread and fresh veggies, even when I am eating a less healthy sandwich. Fresh baked bread and an assortment of fresh vegetables aren’t just for dieters. Also the OP shouldn’t assume that everyone ordering a footlong is eating it in one meal. I always either split it with someone or save the other half for the next day. A 6″ is plenty for me. All in all, I think it’s silly to raise the alarm because, unlike most of it’s competitors, Subway offers both healthy and unhealthy menu options. It’s not exactly shocking that a lot of us choose the less healthy path even when a healthy one is offered.

  10. Laura

    If you were to compare the nutrient information of any sub to a Big Mac meal the sub is much better for vitamins,fiber,protein,less trans fat etc. I load my 6″ ham sub with lots of fresh veggies,do put cheese(60 calories)and use mustard for the condiment.Less than 380 calories, love it.That sandwich is big enough where it’s a meal on it’s own.(I just have ice water to drink)No need for fries or pop.Just be aware of what you’re adding to your meal and order a reasonable serving size.6″, not footlong.

  11. Alsaice

    See, what I do is I go in and buy the oven roasted chicken breast foot-long. I get it on the 6-grain wheat, provolone, then add spinach, cucumber, tomato, and green pepper. And it tastes way better than any fast food meal out there, at least to me. I don’t feel like I’m killing myself with fat and it’s got a fresh taste.

    Then, I eat half of it, and save the other half for another meal. Who woulda’ thunk?

    By the way, if you are going to use a condiment, use mustard or honey mustard. They’re not that bad for ya. ;)

  12. Amanda

    On the subway site it says that there are 280 calories for the 6″ turkey breast. I was told that includes bread,turkey,cheese and vegies. I was also told that the wheat and white bread have the same amount of calories(which i actually find hard believe). I usually order a foot long turkey sub on wheat: turkey,cheese,lettuce,tomatoes,and mustard on wheat. I never order extra anything on my sandwich. I usually have 6″ for lunch then just the rest for dinner.This is actually very filling when eating along of 2-3 cups of water. XD
    In my opinion somewhere around 300 calories seems about right for 6″ of my order. Could I be wrong?

  13. Dubon

    Just do what I do! you can still get a 6inch club sub with low calorie cheese STACKED with veggies for about 450 calories… just put on some low cal condiments. About 35% of the calories on a sub is mayo, no mayo = healthy low calorie meal. Also comparing a sub to big macs, ect… The sub is about 2 and a half times as large and still beats it if you have enough of a brain to make the right choices.

  14. James

    When I order a sub, I always get the footlong turkey breast on 9 grain honey oat bread. I do also get the cheese. The key for me is to add alot of veggies: spinach, carrots, tomatoes, onions, olives, banana peppers, cucumbers and top it off with yellow mustard (curcimin). When I get home I add raw broccoli, cauliflower, extra virgin first cold press olive oil and Mrs. Dash. This may have alot of calories, but I believe it is extremely healthy with plenty of antioxidents. For a drink, I will order the regular size 16 oz Green Tea.

    If you count calories and exercise you can control what you consume during the day. If you eat raw fruit and vegetables, a subway sandwich prepared as above can fit in nicely. Most people seem to focus on calories instead of nutrition. That is why I think comparing subway to mcdonalds is misleading.

  15. Afshin Taleghani

    I would like to thank you for your post however a bit of logic is fallacious. For example, although a Big Mac would have a similar calorie count to a Foot Long Sub from Subway, it is clearly much more filling. I challenge the normal person that can eat 3 fast-food meals from McDonald’s in one day to eat 3 foot long subs from Subway in one day. What I am trying to get you to notice is that although the calorie count from Subway is similar, you simply get more bang for your buck. Instead of wasting almost all of the calories for one day at McDonald’s you can spread the calories from a foot long sub across an entire day and still be satisfied. Further, sandwiches from Subway are to be loaded with fresh vegetables as many do and as we all know there are no options for fresh vegetable additions at McDonald’s or the like.
    Dr. A. A. Taleghani

  16. oracle

    OK…subway healthier option muahahahhaha!!!! all subway rolls contain mineral oil its a petroleum product sometimes used as a laxative)processed cheese (high in saturated fat and calcium)and dont start me on their vegetables(sprayed for insecticides and weather and texture colour ..govt pre requisites)…it beggars disbelief they advertise it as a healthier option …only for dummies…do they say whole grain wheat bread …..nooooo..its all misleading advertising but i must admit it does taste good……… the end of the day those old europeans never did go shopping for fruit or vedgies cause they knew that the best natural things come from your back yard!!! start planting and digging dummies!!!

  17. Microsoft Points

    Well of course it has all the fats and other nasty stuff as other fast food! if it didn’t, it wouldn’t taste good like it does. I found that the best way to do is to eat whatever you like…. work for me ;)

  18. jared@wall decals

    I work at subway, and very rarely do I see anybody order a sandwich with no mayo or cheese. Everybody loves the fattening sauces, and they want more to fill themselves up! People are desensitized by thinking that going to subway is going to help them lose weight. Though that is partially true, people fall for it all the time and they think that whatever tastes good there is automatically healthy. Great post!!!


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