Subway Nutrition Facts: A Closer Look

From time to time, I will go to Subway to grab a pretty healthy meal. I typically get a foot long oven roasted chicken breast sub without any extras. In other words, no cheese, no mayo, and only spinach and cucumbers.

To take it a step further, I usually take the chicken off of one half of the sub and throw it on the other side and just eat is as a double meat sub. That way I don’t have to eat a boat load of carbohydrates in my meal.

However, every time I go to Subway, I VERY rarely see people order subs without a ton of cheese and condiments. I almost never see people order 6 inch subs anymore since the new 5 dollar foot longs are a better bargain.

So when I happened to stumble across a Subway nutrition facts brochure, I couldn’t help but start doing some math and comparing the fast food chains to Subway. Check out the results below:

The Fast Food Contenders

All the nutritional facts below were taken directly out of the Subway brochure I got, so I am not responsible if they are off by a few calories here and there. The ones that were not listed, I used

Burger Kind Original Whopper

670 Calories / Fat: 39 Grams

3 Taco Bell Regular Style Tacos

510 Calories / Fat: 29 Grams

McDonald’s Big Mac

560 Calories / Fat: 30 Grams

McDonald’s Big Mac Value Meal (w/ 20 OZ Coke and medium fry)

1180 Calories / Fat: 50 Grams

As you can see, these items are pretty calorie dense and high in fat. So how do Subway sandwichs compare? Take a look below to see…

The Subway Sandwiches

At first glance, the numbers in the Subway brochure are not that bad. A footlong sub usually comes in around 600 – 800 calories depending on which one. HOWEVER, these values only reflect those who order subs with no cheese or condiments added.

Like I mentioned above, I very rarely see people order subs in this fashion. So here are some more accurate numbers of the various subs. (Note – the sandwich only calories include the traditional vegetables and wheat bread)

Oven Roasted Chicken Breast (Foot Long On Wheat)

Sandwich: 620 Calories / Fat: 10 Grams

+ American Cheese: 80 Calories / Fat: 7 Grams

+ Mayonnaise: 220 Calories / 24 Grams

Total: 920 Calories / Fat: 41 Grams

Ouch! A Big Mac by itself would almost be 400 less calories than this sandwich.

Turkey Breast (Foot Long On Wheat)

Sandwich: 560 Calories / Fat: 9 Grams

+ Swiss Cheese: 100 Calories / Fat: 9 Grams

+ Chipotle Sauce: 200 Calories / Fat: 20 Grams

Total: 860 Calories / 38 Grams

This sub isn’t as bad as the chicken breast one. However, it’s still pretty calorie dense and has 200 calories more than a Big Mac. Not to mention MORE fat than a Big Mac.

What About The Combo Meals?

Just like McDonald’s, Subway offers combo meals what include a drink and side item such as potato chips (or apples). Here is a breakdown of what a value meal might look like using the chicken breast sub from above:

Oven Roasted Chicken Breast (6 Inch On Wheat)

Sandwich: 310 Calories / Fat: 5 Grams

+ American Cheese: 40 Calories / Fat: 3.5 Grams

+ Mayonnaise: 110 Calories / 12 Grams

Sandwich Total: 460 Calories / Fat: 20.5 Grams

+ Sunchips Original: 210 Calories / Fat: 9 Grams

+ 20 OZ. Coke: 240 Calories / Fat: 0 Grams

Meal Total: 910 Calories / Fat: 29.5 Grams

As you can see, this is still pretty calorie dense and has just as much fat as a Big Mac. The next time you think about getting a side item with your sub (especially foot long), you might want to think twice.

Honorable Mentions

The subs I mentioned above are actually listed as being the healthier options. Check out the ones below that compete head to head with the Big Mac and Whopper.

Chicken & Bacon Ranch

6 Inch: 580 Calories / Fat: 30 Grams

12 Inch: 1160 Calories / Fat: 60 Grams

The 6 inch sub alone has 20 calories more than a Big Mac and the exact same amount of fat. The foot long has almost as many calories as an entire Big Mac Value Meal!

Meatball Marinara

6 Inch: 560 Calories / Fat: 24 Grams

12 Inch: 1120 Calories / Fat: 48 Grams

Another Big Mac contender. The 6 inch has the same amount of calories and only 6 grams less fat.

Keep These Numbers In Mind

This post was not intended to dis Subway or anyone that eats there. They do have some great options for eating out, which are much better than most fast food joints. And the idea that most people don’t order the plain subs is just from my observations while eating there.

I simply wanted to throw the Subway nutrition facts out there so you have an idea of how many calories these subs can have if you don’t pay attention to what you add to them. So remember these numbers the next time you are ordering a sub sandwich.

Otherwise you might end up getting a Big Mac in camouflage…

85 thoughts on “Subway Nutrition Facts: A Closer Look

  1. Kathi

    I must be one of the rare kind that does NOT put ANY condiments on the Turkey & Black Forest Ham Footlong. Just extra lettuce, extra spinach, and tomatoes on wheat, not toasted. Nothing else. Calorie wise, you get more food, less calories and fat. Much healthier then a Big Mac any darn day.

  2. Veronica (lifewithnature)

    It seems that Subway’s marketing campaing as a “healthier choice” has worked well. Unfortunately, it misleads consumers who thinks they are actually getting a lower calories/fat meal than competing fast food chains. Because yes, Subway is also a fast food chain! The best option is always to be informed and to make concious choices!

  3. Heidi

    I realize this post is over a year old, but it popped up in my google search :) Why don’t you just get a 6″ and make it double meat? Just curious.
    I love the blog – it’s definitely being added to my list of must-reads!

  4. Pat M wausau martial arts

    You sure can hide things in the way you present information. If you get your subs the way you like them, they are usually just as bad as many of the other things out there. They have a little less fat but are really high on the carb count when trying to lose weight to control sugar intake.

  5. Snow Villians

    i get a 6 inch oven roasted chicken sub on the itallian herbs and cheese bread with red wine vinigar and a water after i make it a meal i eat 3/4 the sub and dont eat the chips i do this once a week and with just a small daily workout ive lost 20 lbs of fat in two or three months now. if your looking to burn stomach fat by eating healthy try crunches do those everyday and youll start feeling your muscles tighten in about a week or so. add in jumping jacks/ run/ situps/ pushups every day youll lose weight until you get muscle (if your a guy) then youll put on weight because muscle is heavier than fat plus it burns fat just by being there.

  6. Snow Villians

    forgot to mention theirs more fat in a glass of milk so if you like milk drink 2% instead.

  7. Lisa

    Everyone on this website forgot about sodium. Most subway 6 inch sandwiches have about half of your daily allowance, which is around 2,400mg. Not too healthy.

    That being said, putting mustard to your sandwich is a great way to add flavor and not add too many calories. Not all condiments are bad for you.

  8. Kevin

    Foot long subs are for fat pigs. Show some self control and eat a 6-inch sub with a bottle of water. You’ll survive. Trust me, it’s enough nutrition for the typical active adult lifestyle. You don’t need to eat until you have a distended belly, stressing the seams on your waistband just to say “i’m full”.

  9. Michael Moss

    I have to admit that not so long ago I was a true Subway Junkie. I used to live off the things. I had a medical check up and my sodium readings were off the chart. The dietician had a fit when I told her what I was mainly eating. Still, I got a date out of it. Those dietician girls are lovely.

  10. lindsey

    clearly mcdonals is not petter then subway. mcdonald food is completly unhealthy not even a happy meal is more healthy then subway

  11. Aaron at Healthy Foods

    I agree with Lisa up there, mustard is the way to go. I used to pound down a foot long 5 days a week, roasted chicken, cheese bread…was delicious but besides the calories and fat and carbs, you gotta wonder where their ingredients come from. Pretty sure their chicken isn’t free range and most likely they have been loaded with antibiotics etc. The only way to really get healthy food is to make it yourself!

  12. Marla

    I’m admittedly guilty of not getting the healthiest sub. My favorite is the seafood sensation, which is probably the worst sub for you on the entire menu. mmm mayo. Oh well, I guess I won’t be joining Jared any time soon in Subway weightloss success.

  13. Murphy3

    I don’t think Subway misleads people at all. They have signs posted everywhere showing the nutritional value of the subs. They have signs posted everywhere talking about which subs are the most healthy. We, as consumers, are capable of reading those signs. It is our fault if we do not take a second to read what is right in front of us. It is not Subway’s fault. I have read the nutritional values signs many times while at Subway. No, I do not always eat healthy. Heck, my favorite sub is a footlong Spicy Italian sub with Mayo. But I know that it isn’t healthy because Subway puts that information out there for all of us both on the website and all over the place at their stores.

    Now that I’ve gotten older (early 30′s), I have switched to eating the black forest ham sub. I’ll go there in the morning before work and order a footlong. I’ll eat half at breakfast and half at lunch. I’ll go with lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, spinach, onions, and sometimes yellow peppers. I’ll top it off with a little mustard. But, I usually just ask for extra tomatoes so that I can get a little extra juiciness so that the sub isn’t dry. Yes, I’d prefer mayo, but I know that even the light mayo isn’t healthy. Why do I know this? Because Subway tells you the nutritional value of their subs and condiments every chance they get.

    Hey, Subway can be many things. It can be a place to go get a great tasting sub that’ll be around 1200 calories or so like it used to be for me. It can be a place where you go get some veggies and maybe throw in a little cheese to get a lot of good with a little bad… Or, if you pay any sort of attention to what you eat and to the signs that are plastered all over the dang place, it can be a place where you can go eat a pretty healthy meal at a very reasonable price.

  14. subway calorie counter

    While this can be accurate its not always how many calories but what kind of calories you take. Calories from healthy food isnt going to be bad as hamburger and grease calories. The stuff that makes a sandwich taste good does have alot of calories which sucks.

  15. mel

    I think that subway has more options for those who choose to eat lighter or healthier.. there is only so much you can do to reduce calories and fat with mcdonalds/burger king/taco bell etc.. i am cheese lover, and that is one thing i have decided not to give up. By continuing to eat cheese with my meals it keeps me more motivated with my diet bc i am not giving up everything! so now, instead of getting a meatball or tuna on white, with cheese…adding mayo, mustard, green peppers oil and vinegar.. i get turkey on wheat. swiss cheese, a little mustard and some veggies. imagine the calories and fat that i have reduced just from changing what i used to eat to what i eat now. its all about making healthy choices wherever you go. (and luckily, subway just has more options to eat however one wants) i have lost 10 pounds this month by making HEALTHIER choices, compared to the choices i used to make.. no lemonade or rootbeer, now its diet coke, water or unsweetend tea..small changes make big differences. at any restaurant i only look at the light/weight watchers menu. (even though im not involved with ww) it has to be a life style change..and subway has joined me in this change bc of the options.. and lack of GREASE.. AND…..i still get my cheese :)

  16. Vee

    You should probably note the sodium levels in the sandwiches. Almost a day’s worth in most 6 inch subs. According to your info, one foot long is half your day’s recommended calorie intake. Do most people keep it to just another 1000 calories? What about those chips and soda that comes with a meal?


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