Malibu Beach Bash

Paddle!!Well let’s see, I paddled a boat, deflated a few beach balls, and ate a ton of food. That is the recap of last night’s Winter Beach Bash sponsored by Malibu in Scottsdale.It was a crazy party for a couple reasons. First off, there was no cover charge which vary rarely happens here in Phoenix, especially Scottsdale. And second, drinks were complimentary. Yeah that’s right, all you can drink and eat until midnight.

They had like 100 bottles of Malibu to use for the night and I probably drank 3 of them.They had a few different drinks to choose from. As you can see in this picture, I crossed off the different ones I tried and put how many I had next to the name. My drink of choice was the Malibu Mango probably because it was basically Malibu and a few crushed up leaves off some tree. The second best was the Mojito Coco-Libre which was a fancy way of saying Malibu and Coke.

There were Tiki bars and surfboards everywhere and the place reminded me of Hawaii. The only thing that was missing was the beach. The live music was awesome and the rapper was pretty good considering we had never heard of him. He had the crowd rocking all night.

Once the party was shut down, we headed over to the after party at 6 Lounge. Of course, I took a plate of chicken from the party as we were leaving to eat along the way since it was a hike of like 3 blocks. 6 Lounge was the busiest I have ever seen it. It was tough to even get in but we managed to squeeze are way in.

And thats it, I basically stopped thinking at this point and vaguely remember a cab ride and a lean pocket once I got home. And what felt like 10 minutes later, my alarm clock went off because I had to get up to go to work this morning.

The price you pay for partying on a weekday…

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