December 9, 2008

Testing Out My New Nikon D80

This past weekend, I managed to do something I have been wanting to do for a long time. I have been wanting to upgrade my camera to a better one and finally did it. I sold my Nikon D40 for a good price and ended up buying a Nikon D80. At first, I had my heart set on the D90 but after doing a lot of reasearch and talking to a photographer, it just wasn’t worth the $400 extra right now.

Phoenix Sunset With Skyline

Sunset Over Phoenix

Why The Upgrade?

There were a few reasons why I wanted to upgrade. The D80 is overall a better camera and offers the following four things:

Auto Bracketing – When it comes to photography, one thing I really like is HDR (High Dynamic Range) photos. With the D40, it was a little difficult to shoot photos with different exposure settings because it did not have a auto-bracketing feature. Now that I have a D80, I can set it to shoot 3 photos with different settings automatically.

10.2 Megapixels Instead of  6.1 – I shoot a lot of pictures and I sometimes like to crop them down. The D80 shoots in a higher resolution, which gives me more picture to work with. It also makes it easier to print large prints.

Larger Camera Body – Don’t get me wrong, I loved my D40. However, it is one of the smallest Digital SLR’s out there and it felt a little too small in my hands. The D80 has more to it and makes it easier to hold it still and not have any camera shake.

A Few More Test Shots

Here are a few more pictures I took last night while hanging out at Papago Park here in Phoenix:

Downtown Tempe, AZ

Downtown Tempe

Another Distant View of Downtown Phoenix

A View of Downtown Phoenix

Loving It So Far

So far, I love the camera and am glad I upgraded. However, I still have a ways to go to learn all of the new settings on the D80. As I get back to doing some more traveling, you can expect to see a bunch of new photos and they should get better with time.

13 thoughts on “Testing Out My New Nikon D80

  1. Terence Chang

    Just wondering where did you sell your D40?

    I am thinking to get rid of my D70S and get a new D700.

    Looking forward to seeing your new photos with D80.

    By the way, how many lenses you have?

  2. Justin Post author

    @ Terence: I actually sold in on Craigslist for more than I was expecting. It sold in less than 24 hours of posting it. As far as lenses, the only one I have now is the 18 – 135 MM Nikon lense.

  3. LisaNewton

    Wow, what great pictures. I just upgraded from a point and shoot to a Nikon D40. I haven’t gotten it yet, but it’s on the way. I can hardly wait to get it.

    I’ve been away from photography for many years, using a 35mm film camera, but after getting the digital point and shoot, the love came back ten fold.

    I’ll still carry the point and shoot in my purse because I love being able to snap a picture anywhere I am, but the D40 will be my camera of choice………….:)

  4. BOSSY

    Hmm. This is interesting. Bossy has a Nikon D80, but is currently test-driving a D40 and thinks it’s so similar maybe the extra dough isn’t worth paying? She also likes the absence of buttons. Of course Bossy has Carpal Tunnel Syndrome.

    Hello, nice to meet you.

  5. William J. Nash-McAdam

    Hey Justin,

    Awesome pics – but was that first one taken on top of the University of Phoenix parking garage on Broadway and 32nd by chance? I’ve taken some up there and I swear I got that exact view … just curious!

    Great site by the way!



  6. brendwal

    I just did the same upgrade (D40 >> D80), and the D80 is WAY better than the D40. The D40 is a beginner camera….the D80 lets you really get into some advanced stuff without paying a fortune. And another big reason is not having to buy lenses with the internal focus motor anymore as the D80 can use any Nikkor lens – really opens up your lens options. Plus, the D80 is more of a workhorse. Listen to the difference in the shutter – it’s much sturdier.

  7. okinawa marine

    You travel all of these places and shoot so many scenic areas, really consider a tripod (even a light weight one, and shooting hdr. You have some great candidates for killer hdr shots man.

  8. Vijay Eswaran

    Wow, I am also contemplating whether to get a beginner’s DSLR entry with D40 or just straight go for the D90 which seems to be very reputable. I am concern about the weight though.

    1. Justin Wright Post author

      Hey Vijay, if you can stretch your budget a bit I highly recommend going right for the D90. You’ll be happy you did later on when you grow to learn that the D40 doesn’t have as many options.

      Plus it will actually save you a little in the end, because if you decide to upgrade at a later time you won’t actually get much for the used D40. I’m still loving my D80, but I already regret not going for D90. Lesson learned…


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