August 20, 2007

The 3 Month Mark

It has been about 3 months since I found my way out here to Hawaii. It has been a fun summer that is for sure. I have managed to meet a few great friends (Nancy, Jeremy, you know who you are).

I have not been writing in my blog enough and that is something I hate myself for. I have done so many fun things I just have not been spending enough time posting them. I have been going out a lot on the weekends with Jeremy. Are place of choice, Arnolds Tiki Bar. Its a small outside bar that is hidden from the main drag but it has Blue Moon on tap for 8 bucks a picture, I cannot complain about that.

Work is still going good and I hang out with a lot of my coworkers after work. I even sang Karaoke with some of them 🙂 Ha Ha.

It is hard to say if I am homesick yet or not. I think I am a little bit but I have been staying so busy that I haven’t really thought about it much.

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