The Best Hangover Cures

Hangover CureIts 12:21 PM and I figured it was a good time to slide off my bed and crawl into the living room. Then run through the day-after checklist:

iPhone, Check. Wallet, Check. Keys, Check.

Looks like everything is intact. Last night was a tad rough, considering I feel like I got hit by a bus. I am in search of a miracle cure to help get me over this hangover. Now that Airborne is no longer an option, what other hangover cures are available?

Well, I turned to my trusted friend Google to find some answers. I found a ton of websites and scanned through a ton of them and decided to make a list of some of the best (and worst) ones I could fine.


The Bloody Mary

This actually sounds good right now. It has a little alcohol to get you feeling better, plus it has vitamins from the tomato juice that can actually help you feel better.

Greasy Food

Nothing like a big fat greasy burger to make you feel great. Except right now my appetite is pretty much non-existant. I guess I can try and force something down.


I have tried this one but I do not think it is helping much. Maybe I just need to sleep some more..

Drink Water

I have consumed about 5 bottles of water so far today. It is hard to say if it is working or not. But it can never hurt to give the body some good ol’ H2O.

Over-the-Counter medications

Tylenol, Ibuprofen, or any other OTC medication. I know from experience that this one works. I just popped a Tylenol so I hope to be feeling better in a little bit.


Avoiding Alcohol

Yeah this one is a no brainer. Of course it would work if I would of applied it yesterday. But the damage is already done.

Water in Between Drinks

Another “remedy” that might work if you try it while you are drinking. I fail to use this because the last thing on my mind when drinking is to remember to get a glass of water every time I order a drink.


Yeah, that pill you see in drug stores and GNC’s everywhere. I have used it multiple times and a few mornings I think I actually felt worse after trying Chaser.

Basically, there is no cure for hangovers except time. It takes the body awhile to figure out what the hell happened. But some things can help aid the pain until you start feeling normal again. I think cutting back on the drinking is the real cure. But that is a work in progress…

9 thoughts on “The Best Hangover Cures

  1. Debt Free Revolution

    Please, don’t take Tylenol! It is processed through the liver just like alocohol. Take ibuprofen instead…and here’s a tip for while you drink:
    When you start to get a decent buzz, start alternating a glass of water in between your drinks. You’ll maintain your buzz, not get as trashed, and keep from dehydrating.

    If it’s a bit late for the beer-water trick, I found Gatorade works pretty good … unless you drank too much Cuervo 1800 in which case you’re screwed until supper time LOL

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