The Key To Being Productive

Calling In Sick For Work

Now that I have given my resignation notice at work, I feel the need to use up some sick time. So I called in today so I could get some things done. It really is amazing what I can accomplish in one day if I stay home from work.

Seriously, so far today I have:

  • Cleaned the apartment
  • Finished doing laundry
  • Took out the garbage
  • Signed up for internet service (more to come tomorrow)
  • Bought a wireless router
  • Finished my banner image so it now rotates again
  • Finished tweaking my template (homepage stuff)
  • Read all of the updates in my feed reader
  • Installed software on my MacBook
  • Signed up for a few new websites

It sure feels more productive than a typical day at work, where all I do is sit there and pretend to be busy when really I am not. I can actually work on productive things instead of surfing the web and sitting in bathroom stalls.

I Could Get Use To This

I am really looking forward to finishing up at work so I can be productive like this everyday. I can only imagine what I could accomplish in a month on the internet without a day job. So I have some really high hopes for getting some things going and making a true run and making money from what I love…blogging.

Now…What To Do With The Rest of My Sick Time?

Apparently I can cash out vacation time but sick time is use it or lose it. I have 36 hours of sick time left after calling in today, but only have 7 work days left since I am working through the October 16th but have a vacation next week.

I sort of feel bad about calling in but at the same time I feel like it would suck to lose all the paid time off that I have earned. I mean, why go to work when I really don’t have to?

Has anyone else ever been in this situation? It always feels like I am obligated to be at work but ehh…

11 thoughts on “The Key To Being Productive

  1. Dwayne from Probably Sucks Blog

    Right on man. Use up the sick time and leave you’ve acquired, you’re not really obligated to give 100% when you’ll be leaving shortly anyway.

    Btw, there was one funny Google ad under this post. Give this a read:

    “Need A Work Excuse?
    We Have Various Excuses To Support Your Excused Absence From Work

    I found that to be a pretty hilarious ad, I didn’t know such a service existed.

  2. Justin Post author

    @ Dwayne

    Haha, that’s pretty funny. I went and checked out the website. They even do phone calls and fake caller id’s from various countries so your “partner” believes your not out cheating somewhere…


  3. Beth

    What are they gonna do, fire you? Use up as much as you want. Unless there’s some way they could take away some of the paid vacation time, but I doubt it.

  4. john

    I have to say that in all my years of management I have never had an employee use sick days during the two week notice period. Vacation buyouts and other things have certainly been arranged but not using sick days. But I think that is mostly their problem for telling you that you have 36 hours of sick time left. Of course you are going to use it.

  5. kouji

    it really does depend on your firm, i guess. but personally, i feel that you should be allowed to use your sick time. you’ve earned it after all, and you can’t cash it out.

  6. Matt Keegan

    Good idea to use up some sick time before you leave even if they were to pay it out to you later. Kind of like taking a “mental health day” to help you rejuvenate and get ready to move on to your next adventure in life.

    BTW, I like this Revolution theme. I’ve been exploring using one and each time I come across a blog with one installed, I’m impressed by what I find.

  7. Justin Post author

    @ Matt

    Thanks a lot. The company i work for actually separates sick and vacation leave. Sick time is use it or lose, while vacation time can be cashed out at the end.

    Thanks for the feedback on the theme. I have done a lot of customization to it and it seems to be a never ending work in progress. But it really has a ton of features and things you can do to make it even better. I highly recommend them.

  8. Phoenix Refrigeration College

    Wow, it seems like you got a lot accomplished in one day. I work at home and stay with my 3 kids – I’m able to watch them, work and tidy up around the house while getting job-related tasks done. I’m very lucky – I know a lot of women attempt to unsuccessfully juggle a family and a job.

  9. Score

    Working class “revolution” (I prefer the term EVOLUTION)! Utopia. The difference between Capitalism and Marxism: Capital (as opposed to “credit”)!


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