The Most Offensive Blog Ever

It’s not everyday that I decide to write a blog review, especially one to call out the fact that a certain blog is one of the most offensive sites I have ever seen. Yeah the blog I am righting about just makes me say “wow.” I know the blogosphere is open to everyone, but some people just shouldn’t be allowed to blog. The point of the blogosphere is to share information with the world, not rant about how things that suck.

The Blog I’m Talking About

The blog I am referring to is Probably Sucks. The blog is focused on all things that apparently suck. How motivational huh? One of the recent posts is entitled “16 Ways To Upset or Hurt An Emo.” Talk about a great way to talk about others. In this post, the writer mentions things such as:

  • Take away their laptop
  • Break their iPod
  • Take away their razorblades

The last one I mentioned was the most offensive to me. He basically states that emo’s love to cut themselves and taking away their razors would piss them off. Pretty offensive if I say so myself. What a great way to send out the message that it’s okay to be yourself.

What really got under my skin, was the post entitled “15 Reasons Bill Ray Cyrus Sucks.” The writer does his best to bash Billy into the ground and even makes false accusations. He refers to him as a one hit wonder. Are you kidding me?

What about songs like “Ain’t No Good Goodby”, “Some Gave All”, and “Wher’m I Gonna Live?” to name a few. Yeah that’s right Mr. Probably Sucks, he had tons of great and well written compositions. Being a person that stood in line to grab Billy’s first album, Some Gave All, makes me even more offended by this post. Ugh the nerve of this guy!

So Who Is This Guy?

Well it turns out, the writer of this blog goes by the name Dwayne. Whether or not that is his real name is unknown to me. I managed to find a blog post on his blog that talks about some of the things he did as a teenager. As soon as I saw this, I couldn’t wait to see inside this bastards sick, twisted head.

The first thing I noticed, was the fact that he used to light things on fire. He’s one of “those” guys. Lighting barns on fire, burning down people’s houses. I could have guessed…

He used to like drinking all the time. Haha, of course he did. Apparently drinking all the time led him to becoming the sick, offensive blogger that he is. However, I knew their had to me more to this story. Guess what? There is.

As it turn’s out, this Dwayne guy owns this shitty car parked in my apartment complex. He felt the need to park it so the front of the car is 5 feet from the curve and end of the car is sticking out where I park my damn car. Look at this:

Dwayne’s terrible parking job

Okay I lied, Dwayne doesn’t really own this car. I just thought I would point the blame at him. But ugh, just writing this review has offended me. I feel like I should send a virus to this guy so his blog crashes and goes down for good.

My Review Is Finally Done

So that’s all I have to say about the this offensive blog. Although it offends me, I still encourage everyone to head on over to Probably Sucks and read it for yourself. Maybe I’m just a baby and need to get on with being all grown up and what not, who knows.

PS. Dwayne, you better give me that 10 bucks or else…

13 thoughts on “The Most Offensive Blog Ever

  1. Justin Post author

    @ TheAndySan: Haha, I was just kidding about that part. I forgot to mention I was just kidding about that part. I went back and added a tiny sentence to clear that up.

    And just to let everyone know, this post was written as part of a contest Dwayne is having on his blog. I personally like this blog and would never bash it, lol.

  2. Mike

    Holy fuck! It looks like somebody doesn’t know how to park while drunk.

    That Dwayne guy is an asshole… and so are you. And that car is a piece of crap.

    [Disclaimer] I’m just kidding. The car isn’t that bad.

  3. greg

    Most offensive blog mag I ever stumbled across was psycho–therapymagazine it slags off anorexics and lower-class people in spoof articles. Very offensive


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