The Packers kill the Seahawks

The packers had a rough start falling two touchdowns behind but they managed to pull it out and crush the Seahawks. Brett Favre once again performed magic. He even threw a few snowballs in the blizzard. It reminded me how cold it is back in Wisconson which makes me appreciate the 70 degree weather we had here in Arizona.

I watched the game at the largest sports bar in Tempe, Scoreboard’s. It was almost all packer fans except for a few Seahawks fans that seemed to dissapear right around halftime and never came back. I managed to drink about 10 Blue Moon’s which always seems to result in a great time.

Following the game we had a huge cookout at our apartment complex. Then around 11 I once again headed back to Tempe and had a great time at Cherry’s on Mill Ave. It was another fun time and I met a lot of people. I am feeling it a little this morning but not a big deal.

Today is the PF Change Rock and Roll Marathon and it just so happens to come right by my Apartment so I plan on getting some pictures. Kool and the Gang will be performing at the finish line tonight so I might just have to check that out.

I will post some pics later on tonight.

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