The Power Of A Notebook

If I were to tell you about a cutting edge tool that will make your blog (and life) better, you would probably want to learn more about it. Am I right? I thought so. However, if I told you that this cutting edge tool was a notebook, you would probably call me crazy. That’s right, a plain ol’ spiral notebook with real paper in it.

It’s true that of all the tools I have utilized in my life, nothing has been more beneficial than a notebook. It’s the once place I can write down whatever I want, whenever I want. I constantly write down thoughts and ideas that I want to remember later on.

Carrying around a notebook started as an experiment but I have now made it a habit to take a notebook with me everywhere I go. Especially when traveling.

How A Notebook Can Help Your Blog

So you’re probably wondering how a notebook can improve your blog. The answer is simple: More blog posts and better quality blog posts. How many times have you had a great idea for a blog post only to forget it later on. I have had dozens (if not hundreds) of post ideas that have never made it to my blog. I simply forgot them. It’s really easy to get distracted and lose your train of thought.

Luckily, I purchased a travel notebook about a month ago and have constantly been writing down post ideas. I now have more than 50 post ideas that I can turn to. The last 5 blog posts have all been based on notes I wrote down in my notebook. It sure beats trying to come up with ideas on the fly. It’s the main reason why I haven’t missed a day of posting in awhile. Even this post is a result of some notes I wrote down about why I loved my notebook.

So here is a few tips to use a notebook to your blogging advantage:

  • Designate a notebook to blogging
  • Create a few sections based on your categories (ex. Blogging, Travel, Humor)
  • At the very minimum, write down blog post titles (it helps to add some key points)
  • If you want to get advanced, create columns where you can write titles, main points, etc.

How A Notebook Can Help Your Life

Besides making your blog better, carrying around a notebook can also help your life. It’s a place where you can write down ideas, things to do, grocery lists, or whatever else you feel like writing. You could even use it to draw pictures.

It’s amazing how much information we process in the course of a day. Most of it goes in our head and comes write back out. That’s why it’s important to keep notes. It’s like science class only for life itself. A notebook is also a great place to keep your goals. You can easily track your progress and write down things you need to do to fulfill your goals.

Who Cares If It Looks Weird

I’ll admit that at first I thought it might make me look a little weird to carry a notebook around. But then I started thinking and who really cares what other people think. I’ve actually showed my blog post notes to a few clients and they were pretty impressed at how many things I write down.

If you are really worried about looking funny, grab a small notebook that fits in your back pocket or purse. It’s a lot easier to keep track of it that way.

So grab a notebook and give it a shot. Let me know if works for you like it has for me.

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14 thoughts on “The Power Of A Notebook

  1. jen

    Great post! I’ve already taken on this idea, in a digital way! When I decided to start posting on my blog regularly(ish) I kept thinking of things to write about but by the time I’d reached home I’d forgotten about them (I’m only 25 but I’m sure it’s my age!). Unfortunately I like handbags to be small and so it’s not likely I can take my laptop everywhere…BUT…my Iphone has a “notes” application and I’ve recently fallen in love with it (as well as the “shopping list” application!). It has yellow note paper and funky handwriting (which is better than my own writing!) and you can create sub-notes of a main note. Note taking is a very overlooked way of not losing your mind!! x

  2. LisaNewton

    I always carry around a little notebook in my purse, but it fills up so fast. I’m thinking about getting a bigger one (plus a bigger purse)…………….:)

    Great additional ideas I can use in my notebook………….:)

  3. Jake

    Great information. I keep one by my bed because I tend to think of great ideas while laying in bad at night or in the morning. Now I just need one for the shower that won’t get ruined by the water.

  4. Roger Hyttinen

    Great post Justin! I use the same concept except that rather than a notebook, I use a small digital voice recorder that I carry with me in my pocket wherever I go (bought it really cheap at Whenever I get an idea, I record it right when I think of it. Also keep the digital recorder next to my bed as dreams can sometimes provide great inspiration for posts. Also use it for to do items, things to remember, novel/short story ideas etc.

    Can’t take it in the shower though….

    1. Justin Post author

      That’s a great idea. I never thought to use a voice recorder. I guess I prefer paper since I tend to draw random things and make charts and stuff.

  5. Kat

    I love notebooks. I’ve got several of them at home, crowding my desk and filled with all sorts of ideas. Sometimes I buy notebooks even if the old ones aren’t full yet. I think I have more notebooks than my brother who’s still in school. I write when I’m commuting, or at odd times when I’m out of the house. I don’t think I look weird at all :p

    There are times though, that I’d forget that I wrote something down that I want to post or explore at a more in-depth level. What I do is I’ll create a reminder on my mobile and set the alarm at a time when I know I’ll be home or have time to focus on that idea. Works great in helping me accomplish things and not keep ideas stuck in the backburner.

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  8. Laptop kaufen

    This is definitely true.
    After having problems concentrating and having
    read quite a few times that nothing beats paper,
    i decided to go back to the old way, instead of digital notes
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    Moreover, i have also personally found it more productive
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    Nice Post!


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