The Power Of Guest Posting

One technique to gain more visibility for your blog is guest posting. By placing a post on someone else’s blog, you are putting yourself in front a whole new audience. This past weekend, I was lucky enough to get a guest post on Problogger. I wanted to share my guest posting experience and the results I got from it.

A Slight Traffic Boost

As soon as my guest post went up on Saturday, I started to notice a spike in traffic. I managed to get over 300 referrals from Problogger over the last two days. I also saw more traffic coming from other sources such as Twitter.

It’s true that this amount of traffic is kind of small compared to other sources such as StumbleUpon. However, I think this traffic is much more targeted and much more likely to become a daily reader instead of simply moving on to the next blog.

An Increase In Twitter Followers

One of the things I was not expecting was a rush of new Twitter followers. Over the last two days, I have gained more than 50 followers. My only guess as to how it happened is that people came here from Problogger and clicked the “follow me on Twitter” button on the right sidebar.

I am not sure if the followers will stick with me or not, but I have no reason to believe they won’t. So I just want to say Hey! to all my new followers.

A Flood Of Newsletter Subscribers

Since the guest post went up on Saturday, I managed to get over 30 new subscribers to my newsletter. When I first wrote the post, I had no intentions of getting people to my newsletter. I simply wanted to share my post and put my name out there.

It just makes me wonder what would happen if I wrote a few guest posts a month on various blogs. My guess would be that it would result in more feed readers and newsletter subscribers each month.

A Ton Of Emails From Fellow Bloggers

Besides getting more traffic and newsletter subscribers, I also got a large number of emails from fellow bloggers. Many of them were quick notes saying my post was just what they were looking for to stay motivated. I also got a few emails asking for some blogging advice.

Although many bloggers hate getting a lot of email, I personally enjoy it. It gives me a lot of motivation to keep working. Nothing makes me feel better than hearing that my writing as helped others and kept them motivated. The main reason I started blogging was to share my opinions and help others. If my post motivated only a handful of newbie bloggers to stick with it, then it was a success in my eyes. Who knows, it might have even inspired a few non-bloggers to start one.

So Write A Guest Post

My advice to every blogger is to start writing a few guest posts every month. Contact bloggers in your niche and ask them if they would be willing to do a guest post exchange. Many bloggers are open to allowing guest posts for several reasons. Not only does it give their readers a new perspective, but it also gives the blogger a day off from writing. It feels amazing when you can take a day off…

Not only will you add to your writing portfolio, but you will also gain more credibility as a blogger. Throw in the added benefits of getting some extra traffic and Twitter followers as an extra bonus.

6 thoughts on “The Power Of Guest Posting

  1. D'Arcy Gregoire

    Well, I’m one of the ones that made their way over here as a result of your guest post on ProBlogger. It was a great post and, as you’ve heard from others, really ramped up my motivation!

  2. Nimish

    Congratulations!! I have subscription from problogger and thats how I came to know about ur blog. I read other posts of yours of which 7 Days without Spending a dime was awsome… I am sure that you would definitely experiment more such things for a better life.

  3. Sam

    I was already a reader, but seeing you on ProBlogger made you a “name drop” at parties this weekend:

    “Oh yeah, I read Life of Justin before he was big…”

    Which leads me to the question: “When do I get my guest post on LOJ?”


  4. Justin@Airsoft Rifles

    I don’t currently have a blog of this sort, but if I ever do start one I will be sure to take advantage of guest posts. From your experience, it is clear they are quite beneficial with virtually no drawbacks, so if I ever get the opportunity, I’ll definitely try it.


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