Pulling Off the Moonwalk at Church

The Sweetest Church Dance Moves Ever

My girlfriend is an avid reader of Dlisted.com, a blog that covers celebrity news and what not. Anyways, she shared a video with me that was mentioned there and I thought I would share if with everyone.

The video is from The Way International Church, which is apparently located somewhere in Ohio. Not real sure what type of church it is, but it is definitely one that is all about dancing. The moves these 3 people have are crazy. The moonwalk is just one of the moves the main guy pulls off at this ceremony.

The video is not on YouTube or Revver, so you have to Click Here to Watch it.

What Do You Think?

I have seen similar dance moves at Club Cherry, here in Tempe. It’s a little creepy though when they are used in a church setting. The people look like they are die hard into it and nothing would stop them from finishing this song. The main guy is so committed to his moves, it’s almost creepy (actually it is creep).

I think I would check this church out just to get a glimpse of these dance moves sometime. Unfortunately, it looks like Ohio is the only place to see this show. Damn…

11 thoughts on “Pulling Off the Moonwalk at Church

  1. Justin Post author

    @ Jeremy

    Haha, it’s hard not to notice. The guy looks like he’s about 7 feet tall, pulling off the weirdest dance moves ever. Apparently they don’t look into the moves much and just whip out the c-walk in the middle of a mass.

  2. Dwayne from Probably Sucks Blog

    Definitely freaked me out. Churches freak me out enough as it is to be honest, with all those child molesting priests and whatnot. But dancing at a church is probably a PR stunt to get more people into the church, mainly young people, so the church can exploit them and take their money.

    Why do churches need so much money speaking of which? A little off topic, but they are exempt from tax. They get donations from heaps of people. They get funding from the government. They own private schools. Where does all that money go anyway?

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  4. Jenn

    Erh I can’t seem to watch the video?
    All I get when I click the link is the homepage of the church.
    Which seems perfectly fine btw.

    Am really curious bout it so if you could just help me here?
    Haha. Thanks :)

  5. Amir Thompson

    The song reminds me of another track which I very much liked … I can not really recall which one is it :/ does someone know which track I’m looking for?


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