The Weekenders Golf Tour

Yesterday was officially my first time on set of a reality TV show. I must say, it is a great experience and definitely something I would like to do a lot more of in the future. I really am on the lookout for the next show I can get on.

The show I was on, is called The Weekenders Golf Tour and it is a show about average Joe golfers competing on television. You can read more about The Weekenders Golf Tour by following this link: The Weekenders Golf Tour Official Website

I am not allowed to discuss any details about the outcome of the show until after it air’s on television. But what I can say, is that it was a great time. My teammate and I started drinking at 9 AM with another team and it created some fun times. The cool thing about filming for television is the people you get to work with and the environment. You get to eat catered food and hang out with some cool people. And if you are lucky, they even throw an after party for everyone involved in the show. Plus a free round of golf never hurt anyone. Plus the weather was great until the very end of the day but we had already finished shooting so the rain did not affect us.

Following the shoot, we were invited to an after party at the Gordon Biersch restaurant in Scottsdale. We managed to slam back a few too many beers since they were “on the house”. We also got free food and had a great time talking with the rest of the crew.

At that point, I should of called it a night since it was such a long day. Instead, my teammate and I met up with a friend at the 6 Lounge in Scottsdale. Wednesday nights are always packed there and last night was no exception. It was a good time but all I was thinking was I really need to get to bed, tomorrow is going to be one long day at work…

7 thoughts on “The Weekenders Golf Tour

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  2. robert

    Sound like you had a lot of fun. This to me is what golf is all about, having a great day out with your mates and meeting people you would not normally come into contact with. Not sure I would of made it past 6 pm if my first drink was at 9 am! Great site, found this great website on improving your golf swing.

  3. steve fitzpatrick

    Weekends away golfing are what I live for. I don’t get to do it too often these days been happily married and all, but the banter with the guys is awesome! I have never had a trip starting drinking at 9am though! That must make for some wayward drives? Please check out my href=””>simple golf swing review for some great tips I found on sharpening your game.


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