Things Are Falling In Place

This past week settled a lot of questions for me. I managed to find an apartment as well as job. I have not had much time to do anything since I feel like I have been on a mission all week to take care of all the things most people forget. I had to setup a bank account, forward my mail, change all my online accounts to my new address. You would be surprised how much work it really is to move, especially with nothing more than a few suitcases.

As far as the job, I am a Helpdesk Technician for a non-profit health care provider called AlohaCare. It sounds like a friendly place to work so I have a lot of hopes for it. It also sounds very similar to what I was doing at my internship back home.

The apartment is not very big but that was expected. Its probably no more than 600 square feet and the cost….1200 a month, Ouch! On a good note, its 4 blocks from the beach and is in the heart of Waikiki. Its more like a hotel room and I am sharing it with Greg so its going to be cramped. But check out this view:

I love that were so close to the ocean, it is the reason I moved to Hawaii. The only downside is a lot of the rooms are hotel rooms so the neighbors are going to be changing constantly. I do not know if thats a good thing or bad thing but I guess I will find out.

I will post some more later on this week.

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