This Blog is Now DoFollow

Four Reasons I Made The Change

First off, you might ask what does DoFollow mean?

Normally, when someone comments on a blog, the link the person receives back to their site is marked a “NoFollow,” which Google does not count. This was done to help limit the amount of spam people leave on websites. The problem with this is it takes away a lot of incentive for readers to leave feedback since they feel they do not get anything out of it.

Why I Made The Change to Dofollow:

1. It Helps Your Readers

Blogging is all about building friendships with fellow bloggers and helping one another. It’s like a big community and we try to share our success with others who have just started. One important way to help those who are just getting started, is by giving them a backlink to their site. I think it is really important to reward those who come to your blog and leave a meaningful comment about your post. It’s a way of saying “Thanks, I really appreciate the fact you read my post.”

2. It Gives An Incentive

A lot of times, readers will read my entire post and then move on to another blog. I think having a DoFollow blog gives readers an incentive for taking the time to leave a comment. It makes them feel like there is a reason to stop and think about it for a few minutes. I know I personally stop and read more posts when I see that a blog is DoFollow.

3. NoFollow Isn’t Fair

I understand that the NoFollow attribute was originally designed to stop spammers from commenting on everything blog. Which, still happens regardless of the tag. However, I feel that it isn’t fair to those who are not spamming your site. The people that actually read it and having some meaningful to leave behind. Therefore, I think readers should be rewarded with the DoFollow link, and spammers will not be tolerated. Which is why I am not manually approving my comments (unless you have left them before).

4. I Love To Receive Feedback

When I first start blogging, it was really hard to keep the motivation. Once in a great while I would receive a comment which gave me a little drive to keep going. I think it is very important to receive comments because it reminds you that people really do read your posts and find them interesting. I feel that moving over to a DoFollow blog will help me receive more feedback over time, which never hurts.

Do You Follow?

I would love to hear some feedback from other bloggers about your experience with the DoFollow comments. Did you get a lot more spam? Lower Pagerank? Or did it help with traffic and comments?

Feel free to share my site with others looking to get a few backlinks here and there, I would really appreciate it!


I have since decided to install the Lucia’s Link Love Plugin. You can read about it here.

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68 thoughts on “This Blog is Now DoFollow

  1. Bountiful Utah

    Have to agree with you on this one. I don’t have a problem when people write on my Utah real estate blog to build links so long as they actually write meaningful things. I mean, everyone has bills to pay, right? And often, the comments are insightful and help me to become a better blogger – so it’s almost like I am paying people to give constructive feedback.

  2. Annie

    I was looking for adding comment luv and keyword luv to I still do not know if I can. But I found a better way of commenting and analysing do follow websites now. I must confess that I am still a toddler in SEO but keep looking for understanding it. Your post has helped me understand commenting. Thank you for the post.

  3. Lyndon Irvine

    Hi Justin,

    Great post. Very informative. Thanks a lot.
    may i ask if there is anything particular
    that one has to do in order to make ones
    blog a Do Follow Blog? Does the Plugin Lucia’s
    Linky Love when Installed make it a Do follow


  4. nikos

    thanks a lot!! you are fantastic!! great post and very helpful! also me, im going to change my blog to a dofollow!

  5. Praveen

    Thank you bro for making lifeofjustin as dofollow…Now you should spend some more time to moderate your huge rush of comments :-D

  6. raw organic food

    Although Google does not care much about links inside comments, Google cares about links INSIDE the posts. Get people to notice you, and they will eventually write about you and your site. Links inside posts are the best quality backlinks you can get.

  7. Anna

    I made my blog about living in Spain a do follow earlier this year and contrary to what folk said I did not receive a sudden influx of spam, just the same as before.Think if you got on a do follow list however perhaps it woudld be a different story. Happy for people to get juice from my blog, why not?

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  9. Bertie Daricek

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  10. lenggai@popty-wopty

    I work as a virtual assistant for an internet marketing company and I search for dofollow blogs. I came across yours as I google for these. I have the NoDoFollow plugin installed in my firefox browser to verify if the blogs I visited is either a No- or a Do-. Although you claim this blog is a dofollow, but the plugin shows otherwise (the links are still in PINK). Are you talking about THIS blog or another blog?

    1. Justin Wright Post author

      Thanks for stopping by. And yes, I was referring to this blog but I have since made the blog nofollow. I was receiving way too much spam and wanted to make it easier on myself to moderate the blog and respond to comments.

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