WWWTP: A Large World

I have decided to come up with yet another weekly routine here on Life of Justin. First it was Friday Videos, now I bring you a new Thursday event.

It is going to be called “WWWTP”, which stands for “Whats Wrong With This Photo.” Every Thursday, I am going to post a random picture I took and write about a few things that I noticed in the photo. There’s a lot going on in the world, and every picture I take usually has something unique, weird, or just straight up wrong about it.

So here we go, I bring you week 1 of:

“What’s Wrong With This Photo?”

Large World

It seems everything in World is getting larger, just in this photo alone I noticed these three things:

1. A Big Ass Soda

I know proportions have been on the rise here in America, but come on! Look at the size of that soda that person is holding. It’s pretty much a 2 liter in the shape of a cup with a straw in it. How many ounces is that thing, like 100? That’s damn near a gallon of soda.

My guess is that wasn’t diet soda in there either. I did some math and if that cup was full of 80 ounces of Pepsi, this is what the nutritional breakdown would be:

Calories: 1,000 (Yikes!)
Carbohydrates: 280
Sugar: 280 Grams

Thats half a days worth of calories without even eating any food. No wonder people are getting larger by the day, which leads me to my next observation…

2. One Large Person

Now, I am in no way, shape, or form trying to diss anyone. I am simply making an observation that there is a very large person in that truck. That person easily weighs double my weight, if not triple. My guess is that truck is not getting the best gas mileage, which may explain why I now have to pay $4 a gallon to fill up my car.

It doesn’t help the person is sitting in the back of the truck, with a bright orange shirt, and a soda the size of my head. It’s hard to not notice things like this.

3. Three Trucks, All With The Tailgates Down

Like I stated in the last observation, gas is getting pretty damn expensive. I thought it was because there were so many more countries utilizing fuel that the demand has gone higher. But then I thought, maybe it’s just because people all drive trucks everywhere.

In this photo, there are no cars except the one I am in, the rest of the vehicles are all trucks. And to top it off, they all have there tailgates down. I’m pretty sure that doesn’t help the aerodynamics of these things.

Tune In Next Thursday For A New “What’s Wrong With This Photo?

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12 thoughts on “WWWTP: A Large World

  1. cindy

    The funny thing is, a lady I work with in the office drinks at least one of those GIGANTIC soda’s everyday. And she always gets regular soda, not diet or tea. Probably the reason she is rather large…

  2. Justin Post author

    @ cindy

    Ha Ha, I remember at my old job there were a few people the same way. They would use their breaks to smoke a cigarette while walking to the gas station to get a gigantic soda and hot dog for 2 bucks. And we wonder why people suffer from heart attacks at young ages.

  3. Jeremy G.

    I really like the idea of wwwtp Thursdays, and video post Fridays. It definitely adds good variety to your posts. Keep it up man, and lets see that new Friday video!

  4. Justin Post author

    @ Jeremy

    I’m glad you like the idea Jeremy.

    PS. Whatcha think of the new headers? I tried to get some personality back into them?

  5. Craigg

    Actually, pickup trucks do get slightly better gas mileage when the tailgate is left down since the aerodynamics are improved. However, the truck in the middle would definitely improve it’s mileage even more if it tossed the fat Mexican chick out of the truckbed. But then she’d end up on the bus and take up two seats even though she only paid for one fare.

  6. Adam Pieniazek

    To be fair, she could have water in that cup and just be re-using it!

    Though, from the looks of the situation I doubt it. In either case, we as a nation really need some sort of fat tax. It’s not fair to those who have a more sensible weight that fat people eat more food (thus limiting supply while raising demand and thus raising costs for all of us), take up more space, and increase health care costs.

    Granted, it’s tough to enforce such a tax and some people are simply genetically predisposed to being heavier. Still, something needs to happen because people will continue to get fatter and fatter and that is a huge national defense issue. Imagine a country like China invading us with their army of 200+ million while half our nation struggles to walk a block. Scary thought for a Friday, eh?

    How about we just make junk food illegal? Junk food and fake food are a huge part of this issue and are way, way more dangerous than many other things that are already illegal.

    Adam Pieniazeks latest blog post..My iPhone Died

  7. Justin Post author

    @ Adam

    Very true, I never thought about re-using the cup.

    I definitely agree with the idea of banning junk food. If this crap food is so bad for you and crippling our nation (obesity), then why do we let it be made in the first place. There are lot of countries out there that don’t have anywhere near as many obese people.

    It is time for Americans to start paying attention to their diets. But I’ll admit, it’s tough when a majority of our eating options aren’t so good. Just look at the amount of fast food restaurants.

  8. Mallory

    Banning junk food would totally piss me off. I love junk food. (And before you go making assumptions, I’m not overweight. I used to be, but now I’m skinny. BMI of 20).

    I don’t eat junk food every day, but once or twice a week it’s nice to have pizza, or a hamburger and fries, or fried chicken. Yum.

    @Justin & Adam, wouldn’t it really annoy you if next time you wanted some icecream, or a beer, or some soda, (or whatever non-healthy food you fancy) you found it had been banned by the diet-nazis.

    Banning food isn’t the answer. Where the US goes badly wrong is portion size. 80 ounces of soda?!?! That’s totally nuts. Fast food portion sizes should be reduced, and all fast food outlets should have to give the calories-per-portion on the menu, so people can make informed decisions.

  9. Justin


    I do agree with that, some junk food is nice in moderation. Maybe instead of banning it completely, they could start cracking down on the ingredients a little bit. I mean, is it really necessary for some foods to have upwards of 50 ingredients? There is a large different between pizza made from scratch, and the crap that comes in boxes. I think the key is just getting back to more natural ingredients instead of focusing on production costs and shelf life.

    Portion size is definitely the main concern. It seems like here in the US restaurants are competing to see who has the biggest pizza, burger, or who knows what else. And that is a good idea to have them put the calories per portion on the menu. They sure like to hide the nutritional fact pamphlets.

  10. DocB

    Not sure if you watch TV or not, but the MythBusters did an episode on driving with the tailgate up vs. tailgate down, and concluded that there was no difference in gas usage either way. Just passing on info.

  11. Evercleanse

    Its really disgusting how we have moved from the biggest size at a gas station being a 32oz and now its 72 oz in a cup that you cant even fit in any cup holder. This is just one of the many signs showing us were doomed because of obesity.


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