Time To Announce My New Blog

Well everyone, it feels like just the other day I was writing a post about my new photoblog. Today, I would like to share another blog I have been working on.

Introducing BlogHelp.org

My new new blog is going to be a place to find blog tips and tutorials. I have spent a large amount of time on blogging and have jotted down notes along the way of things I have used to make this blog better. I will cover everything from the basics of blogging to the more advanced things like tinkering with WordPress. My goal is to share it all with everyone.

The Newsletter

The BlogHelp newsletter is going to feature blog tips, advice, and secrets. I will send out a new edition as often as I can and it will try to include the best blog tips I can find. The best part of all, is the free book that I am giving away for signing up. It’s a book about how to get more traffic from leaving blog comments. It’s over 20 pages long and has already helped a few bloggers.

Check It Out

So please, feel free to check it out and let me know what you think. I will continue to write new post each day and share my knowledge of blogging with everyone. If there is anything wrong with the theme or you have any feedback, please share it.

P.S. Tune in tomorrow for another travel adventure.

6 thoughts on “Time To Announce My New Blog

  1. Jeremy Gehrs

    Pretty good blog for being brand new. I knew something was up, seeing as how you just went full time blogger, yet had only made like two posts in the last week. Although the consensus is that the world sure doesn’t need another “blogging blog,” keep it up and let us know how it goes.

  2. Justin Post author

    @ Jeremy: Haha yeah, it took a good week to get the theme and everything ready to go. There are a lot of blogging blogs about their, and a lot of them are successful so I figured I would start one up. It really works when using it as a portfolio when applying for freelance jobs that’s for sure…:)


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