Time To Attempt Some Guinness Records

As mention yesterday, I have decided to take a few shots at breaking some Guinness Records. I figured it would be a great way to come up with some new YouTube videos to share. Plus I have a feeling they will be pretty damn entertaining, especially if I fail miserably. Even if I fail at all of them, at least I can say I tried, haha.

So after some investigating, it appears I have two different options I can try and do. Here they are:

1. Break An Old Record

The most commonly attempted records are those that already exists. People constantly try and break old records in hope of getting in the book. I went to the bookstore the other day and did a quick glance at some of the current records in the book. Here was a few that stuck out:

  • Peel and eat a lemon in 10 seconds
  • Peel and eat 3 bananas in one minute
  • Fastest mile sack racing: 16mins 41secs
  • Time to hop on one leg on a treadmill at a constant speed of 6.5 km/h (4.7 mph): 2 min 17 sec

I think all of these records are worthy of an attempt. Who knows, I might even find a way to break one of them. I will keep an eye out for some other records that might be possible. If you know of any records that you might think I should try, please feel free to mention them in a comment.

2. Set A New Record

The second option is to set a completely new record. This would be the easiest since I don’t have to actually break a record. I just have to come up with some ideas for records that do not currently exist (there is a ton of them). The first thing idea I came up with is based on a record I saw in the book for the longest distance traveled in 24 hours on a bunch of different things. A car, a bicycle, and a few others.

What didn’t I see? The longest distance traveled in 24 hours on rollerblades…

I have decided that one of these days, probably on a weekend, I am going to see just how far I can get on rollerblades. I might try to blade across Phoenix, which is a very, very large and spread out city. I will videotape the whole adventure and make a YouTube video for everyone to see.

The Game Plan

My first attempt is going to come over the next few days. I am not sure exactly which record I am going to try first but either way it will be a funny thing to see. So please check back for the very first Life of Justin Guinness World Record attempt!

PS. As mentioned above, please feel free to leave some record ideas for me to attempt.

10 thoughts on “Time To Attempt Some Guinness Records

  1. Jenn

    Oh God… I’m not taking you to the hospital if something goes wrong. Better make sure the health insurance you bought is up to date.

  2. Jeremy Gehrs

    I just tried, and dude, I could totally do the leg hop on the treadmill for longer than 2 minutes. It’s pretty tough when you get up to 4.7 mph, but with some practice I could do it for sure.

  3. Justin Post author

    @ Dwayne: Not a bad idea! An idea like that is exactly what I need. Something that doesn’t take years of training to master. Like the Guinness Record for the shortest distance ran before throwing up…

  4. look up criminal records

    I have some pretty cool suggestions.What about….
    1.World’s loudest cat meow (measured in decibels)
    2.Deepest hole dug only with a single wooden match stick
    3.most number of kick sustained on the ass without a sound.


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