January 21, 2010

Sunset on Treasure Island


Of all the reasons I moved to Florida, the ocean was the most important one. Ever since I lived in Hawaii I have been addicted to what it has to offer. Not only is the ocean an awesome place to swim and hang out, but it also creates the coolest sunsets I have ever seen. The photo above was taken last night on Treasure Island.

Watching the sun drop down below the water is an incredible experience and something everyone needs to experience in their lifetime. It’s pretty crazy how fast it starts to drop once it gets near the horizon.

30 Second Sunset

If you haven’t seen an ocean sunset, you’re in luck. I managed to record the entire sunset using my video camera. The video was originally 10 minutes long but I went ahead and threw it into fast forward.

Here’s what the sunset looks like in 30 seconds flat:

Pretty cool huh? I must say, the video turned out a lot better than expected. I was worried the bright light would mess up the shot completely but the camera handled it better than expected.

I’ve now decided I’m going to play around with some more videos like this in the future. It’s pretty cool watching stuff happen in fast forward.

Another Awesome Photo

Besides the photo above, I also took this one which turned out to be my favorite picture of the batch:

Treasure Island Paddleboarding

Paddleboarding looks like an awesome sport to take up. I’m planning on giving it a try one of these days.

If you would like to check out more pictures, feel free to check out the Treasure Island photo gallery.

6 thoughts on “Sunset on Treasure Island

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  2. James NomadRip

    Keep an eye out or get on the mailing list at Bill Jackson’s. They are either St. Pete or Pinellas Park. They sometimes have kayak demo days out in back, and you can try out the stand-up paddleboards, too. I think they have them available to try out anytime, though. You should check. I went to a kayak demo day once to try out different styles of kayaks, but didn’t try the SUP boards.

    Don’t worry, I went for an unplanned swim in the middle of the lake. There probably aren’t any alligators in it 🙂


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