Trillium Happy Hour in Scottsdale

This week was a great week, probably because it was only a 4 day work week. :) Everything is going great at work and I am having a lot of fun meeting new people. The weather is starting to get warmer and it was perfect today with a high around 70.

Last night our apartment complex planned a happy hour for the residents to go and hang out. They even drove us up to Scottsdale in the shuttle van so we did not have to worry about driving. We went to Mickey’s Hangover which was a pretty cool bar. They have an outdoor section and a nice indoor section with pool tables. They also had a great fish fry that reminded me of some of the bars I used to go to back in Wisconsin. There was eight of us so it was fun to get to know some of our neighbors.

We stayed there until 8:30 and then we decided to head back to our apartment. We challenged some of the other residents to some peer pong so we set that up as soon as we got back to our place. We played a few games and before long it was 10 so we decided to call up a cab and head down to Tempe.

For like the 5th Friday in a row we decided on going to Margarita Rocks. They had an event sponsored by Captain Morgan that was pretty interesting. Every guy and girl got a necklace when entering with a number on it and the goal was to find the girl that had my same number. It took me about 2 hours before I bumped into number 94. I met a lot of people there, probably because I spent the majority of the night on the dance floor. All in all, it was another crazy adventure and there are many more to come. 2008 had already been pretty interesting and I have no idea where it will go from here.

Check back tomorrow for another great story. Were planning on going to Graham Central Station which is a large club that has 4 separate clubs inside of it that all play different music.

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