TweetDeck Vs. Tweetie

twitter-appsI’m hanging out at WordCamp Dallas (Live Stream) and it seems like everyone is using desktop applications for Twitter. However, when it comes to which one is the best it’s a mixed bag. People seem to all have different opinions based on how they use Twitter.

Some people prefer TweetDeck while others prefer Tweetie. Someone even told me about Nambu which is a brand new application that’s still in beta. I gave it a quick try but wasn’t feeling it so I uninstalled it right away.

I’ve been using TweetDeck since it first came out and have been really happy with it. I like the fact you can monitor everything using columns and it has a boatload of features.


Since I arrived here in Dallas, I’ve been stuck using my 13″ screen (which is a pain in the ass). At home, I have a 24 inch monitor and have no problems with screen real estate. I can have TweetDeck up all day and it doesn’t bother me since I have a lot of desktop space.

As soon as I opened TweetDeck on my MacBook, it took up my entire screen. So I narrowed my columns and hid some of them. It fits fine on my screen now, but I miss seeing all the columns for my various Twitter accounts.

Tweetie Test Drive

So I installed Tweetie yesterday and decided I would give it a test drive. I previously used it when it first came out but I was so used to TweetDeck that I decided it wasn’t worth my time. I uninstalled it and went on my way.

But now that I’m using it again, I like it far more than TweetDeck. I can add all my accounts and monitor them in a super easy way. From an interface point of view, Tweetie is amazing. You simply click on your avatar for the various accounts and you get all the features you need.

What I really like about Tweetie is how they have managed to do everything in one column without making you feel limited. I feel like I can do everything I can in TweetDeck without the huge command center window. Plus it looks so much better and reads like an iChat conversation.

Which One’s Better?

It’s a tough call. After using it all day yesterday, I’ve decided to stick with Tweetie. It’s so painless to use and takes up as much space on my screen as iChat. But I think it really comes down to what you prefer and what features you use the most.

As far as the iPhone goes, I still plan on using TweetDeck since I really like the interface. For an in-depth review, check out TweetDeck for the iPhone.

I’m interested in hearing what applications everyone else is using.

Which Do You Use?

One thought on “TweetDeck Vs. Tweetie

  1. Aidil

    My personal fav rite now on the iPhone is twitterlator pro.although it is the most expansive twttr client,but you’re gonna love evry features in it.definitely a winner.put it on a spin and let me know wht u think bout it.


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