July 28, 2008

Top of South Mountain (w/ Photos)

Saturday night, I made my way up to South Mountain for some hiking and sightseeing. If you are unfamiliar with the valley, South Mountain is south of downtown Phoenix and has an elevation around 2,600 feet. There are some old ruins at the top and some pretty cool views of the Phoenix metro area.

Along the way, I saw a few coyotes but managed to get away without seeing any rattlesnakes. It is still too hot here in Phoenix to do any intense hiking, but it was still a good work out. I drove to the summit and then hiked down a ways before turning around and heading back up. There are trails all over the mountain, so I am planning on going back in the near future. Perhaps after the weather cools down a bit.

The Photographs

I took my camera and tripod along because I am looking to get back in to photography. I have been slacking with it lately but hope to hop back into it. There are so many cools things to see around Arizona, I just need to get out and get some nice shots. Here are a few of my favorite shots from the top of South Mountain:

View from South Mountain

View of South Mountain and Phoenix

South Mountain, Phoenix

An Old Building Near the Summit

Phoenix from South Mountain

View of Phoenix Area (about 1/3 of the city?)

A Very Weird Photo of A Plant

South Mountain, Sierra Estrella Mountains

A View of the Sierra Estrella Mountain Range

I have a few other photos I took and I’ll be putting them up on my Flickr account this week.

Next Stop, Tonto Natural Bridge

This weekend, I also made my way to the Tonto Natural Bridge, located near Payson. It is a natural bridge formed by water running over the rocks. I took some really cool shots of it, and will be posting the summary of the trip tomorrow.

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