Welcome to Phoenix

I am now in Phoenix and it is a pretty cool city. It is HUGE. Not just the amount of people, but how far it spans out. There is like 10 cities stuck together. In the picture I am on top of South Mountain and Phoenix is behind me.

Arizona is a beautiful place, but a little dry. Ha Ha:) The weather is in the 70′s which is perfect for November. But everyone seems to remind me that I am going to fry like an egg come summer time. I guess we will see.

I am currently sleeping on an air mattress is my friends 1 bedroom apartment. Talk about living the life! And to top it off, I do not even get the whole living room. I am sharing if with my other friend and his air mattress. Ha Ha. I have my 2 suitcases on the corner and his stuff is in the other corner. We are looking for a new place so hopefully we will be moving out soon.

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