What Is Happiness?

Everyday I observe the people and places around me and it is easy to say, life is one heck of a ride. There is so many ways to approach life that it almost seems impossible to stick with a plan or direction. One could pursue a healthy diet and lifestyle and feel great. Or you could eat and partake in the things you enjoy and bring happiness, even though they may be unhealthy. One could work a job they hate to buy material things they believe will find them happiness. Another person may have a low paying job they love and barely make payments come end of the month. However, this person may find happiness from their job, not the money or things they posses.

Looking at these different ways to live life, I can clearly see that Happiness comes from an array of sources. Love, friendships, money, cars, houses and the freedom to do what one chooses are just a few. What one person hates may bring the person next to them happiness. This leads me to believe firmly that happiness comes from within, not from external forces. It also brings me to the question:

What is Happiness?

The Princeton WordNet defines Happiness as follows:
1. A state of well-being characterized by emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy
2. Emotions experienced when in a state of well-being

Being in a state of well-being is clearly the real “High Life.” It is not something you find from being high on drugs or drunk from alcohol. It is the moments in life that remind you that all the hard times you struggled through were worth it. Whether it’s watching a child be born or solving a problem that someone said could not be done. These moments make us feel larger than the life and remind us life is great. It is an enjoyable ride as long as you pursue and do the things you want. Too many people get stuck up in the way society works that everyday, millions of people wake up earlier than they would prefer to go to a job they hate. Life is about taking chances in hopes of making it all that you want it to be. It can be said in no better way than the old saying, “You get out of life what you put in to it.”

I really want to travel the world because I truly am eager to here the things that make people happy. It would be a great experience to travel the whole world and just talk to people about life. I am confident that I would gain more wisdom than I ever thought possible. I hope that by having conversations about life and overall happiness, that I can bring joy to people lives. By allowing people to just talk about the joyous moments in their lives and what they hope to yet accomplish, I hope to let them escape their lives for a few minutes and just live for the moment.

That is it…

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