February 3, 2008

Which to buy…Windows or Mac?

Which to buy…Windows or Mac?

Recently, I was asked by a friend which Operating system was the best choice for a new laptop. I thought it would be helpful to blog this for anyone else that may be debating or thinking about a new computer. Below is a small summary of each of the two main operating systems and what I think of them:

Mac OS X – I much prefer Mac over Windows any day. I am a Mac user myself and would never switch back entirely. Mac OS X is very cool looking visually, as well as easy to use. Everything is very straight forward and applications rarely, if ever, hang up. You will not get pop-ups and spy ware like you would with a Windows based computer. I also like how Mac’s come with a lot of full software unlike Microsoft giving you trials. iLife has a lot of cool features like iCal, iPhoto, and iTunes to name a few.

Windows Vista – Vista closely resembles Windows XP, but it has a couple new features. The first thing people notice is the sidebar, which contains “widgets” like clocks, CPU meters, and anything else you can imagine. If you are used to using Windows and do not want to learn anything new, then this would be the best choice. Also, if you are looking for a very affordable computer, than a PC with Windows is going to be your best bet.


Mac’s are definitely the best choice for anyone that is proficient with computers. Apple builds there products with great quality and also offers great support. Plus the new Intel Mac’s such as the MacBook Pro below, allow you to run Windows. This gives you the best of both worlds! I prefer to use Parallels because I can run Windows inside Mac OS X. You could also use Boot Camp, which requires a reboot between Operating Systems.

Hopefully this little article helps you decide when buying a new computer.

2 thoughts on “Which to buy…Windows or Mac?

  1. Safok

    My choice to suit just fell to the MAC. Best new a little more that would then enjoy all the benefits of our times, than to save and to be far away from progress.


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