June 30, 2009

Woopra: Analytics On Steroids

woopra-logoOne of the things I took away from WordCamp Dallas/Fort Worth was a Woopra account. Prior to the event, I had never heard of the analytics service. However, I am now fascinated by it and can’t stop playing around with it.

What Makes Woopra Any Different Than Google Analytics?

The answer is real-time stats. I can literally see who is on my website anytime I feel like it. I can also see what page they are viewing, where they originally came from, and all the brower/operating system stats I could want.

If that isn’t enough, I can even send a chat request to anyone currently visiting my site and have a real IM style conversation. It’s amazing!

It sure beats looking at delayed stats…

The Interface

Another thing I really like about Woopra is the interface. They offer a desktop application for PC and Mac which allows you to monitor your stats right on your computer. I would consider it the TweetDeck of analytics software.

Check it out:

Woopra Interface

As you can see, I wasn’t kidding about calling it a TweetDeck version of stats. It actually looks similiar in a few ways. You can browse through all different stats, such as live visitors and referring URLs. You can also look at a map and see where your current visitors are from.

Overall, the interface is really cool and pretty simple to learn.

What About Regular Website Stats?

Just like Google Anaytics, Woopra will also show me regular stats like visitors, unique visitors, and where they are coming from on a map.  However, I do not like this part of Woopra and actually prefer Google Analytics.

It just seems easier to monitor long-term stats using Google Analytics, plus all my data is already in there. Plus Woopra is still in beta so I would not trust it as your only source of statistics. I currently have my sites setup with both and have not seen any downsides or slowdown from it.


Installing Woopra is a breeze. Just like Google Analytics, you simple paste a line of code right above your closing body tag. That’s it. You can then view your stats on Woopra’s website or download the desktop application (which I prefer).

The only downside is since they are in beta, they require that your site be approved before you can start using it. So hurry up and submit your sites so you can start using the software.

Use It For Real-Time Tracking

Overall, I would say this is a great complement to Google Analytics. The real-time stats are amazing, if not a tad geeky. I find myself stairing at them getting excited when I have a few people on my blog at one time. However, it isn’t a full on replacment for your other analytics programs so I would plan on using more than one.

I recommend testing this out and playing around with it. It’s a great way to see how many people are on your blog at any given time.

Get a free acount today at Woopra.com.

10 thoughts on “Woopra: Analytics On Steroids

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  2. Jim Gaudet

    Another great feature of Woopra is the search. For me, when someone signs up for a service, I grab their IP and Date/Time. Then I can find that in Woopra, and see exactly how they;
    1)found my site
    2)browsed my site
    3)what made them give me their money

    the most important stats I could look for. Now, on my personal blog I do not use Woorpa, for some reason it would periodically slow my site to a crawl.. But, it seems ok on my non blog site…

    1. Justin Wright Post author

      I too have seen a little slowness. I wasn’t sure if Woopra was to blame or not. I think I might leave it for a few more days and see what happens.

  3. Josh

    Sounds like a great program Justin. I just hope that people using woopra aren’t considered cheaters when blogging. Is Woopra on the list of banned software in major league blogging?

  4. Lorelle

    Glad you are enjoying Woopra. As for slowing down sites, Woopra’s JavaScript is very tiny and has little impact on page loading. We’ve done extensive testing and the next version of Woopra will be even faster. If your site is having slow loading issues, check it for validation errors and check the Plugin load and other scripts you have running. They all add up and Woopra might be the straw that breaks the loader’s back. 😀

    We should have the next version of Woopra out soon, and will be approving a ton more testers, moving out of beta soon. Thanks for your feedback and input, as it really helps us to make Woopra better.

    1. Justin Wright Post author

      Hey Lorelle, thanks for stopping by and leaving some feedback! After disabling some plugins and messing around with my theme code, I figured out Woopra was not the problem for the slowdown. So I gladly put it back in there and have been using it since.

      I’m excited to see the new version. Will this one have the awesome webcam capability that John joked about on his blog for April fool’s day? LOL

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  6. joel

    I also use woopra on my site. I LOVE it compared to google analytics. I hope the final release comes out soon though, as a few things are still not finished. I also hope the price for a small website such as mine is low.

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  8. Sarath Chandran

    Is there any way for Event Tracking in Woopra. If so, could anyone please give me the link of its tutorial


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